Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Applying to Cashier School

A lot of people talk about how cashiers should learn this or that at something called "cashier school". If I happen to make a mistake while ringing up a customer, they will think they are being funny by asking me why I wasn't taught that in cashier school.

Who the fuck would go to a cashier school?

Yes, I know they are only joking. I know there is no such thing as cashier school. But still. It's pretty rude. For one, we know we have shitty jobs, so you don't need to rub it in our faces by joking about a cashier school. I know how to count. I made something called a MISTAKE.

Two, most of the time we are just thrown into our jobs on the first day, having to fend for ourselves. We have to deal daily with people degrading us, picking on us, yelling at us to make themselves feel better, and even cleaning up after people. Trust me, no cashier gets paid enough to clean up the shit (literally!) that people leave behind.

Third, nobody can be taught everything there is to know in order to make every customer happy. That, and we just don't care enough.

Do you think we really want to hear your stupid jokes about attending a cashier school because we don't do something the correct way according to you? Every time you say that, you're calling us stupid. You're just too much of a pussy to say what you really mean.

How about this: If we aren't being openly rude to you, just let us do our jobs and shut the fuck up.


  1. Ugh - don't you hate those kinds of comments? And when you're at work you can never respond the way you'd like!

  2. I didn't even technically have training. I was stuck on a register and told how to do the basics and then they set me loose on the general population. That was pretty fun.
    I wish there was a customer school.

  3. Cashier school, lol. They would have races on making change and replacing receipt tape.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  4. LOL I'm with Emily on the Customer School!! I would TOTALLY run that school myself, too. =)

    I've never had anyone suggest that I should have learned something in Cashier School, amazingly. That would have earned some motherfuckers some broken eggs, or perhaps some ripped bills as change. LOL The sad part about that is, I work for a place that practically DOES have Cashier School. I am a Certified Trainer, and we have a 3-day, 12-hour stupid regimen we put new employees through before they can run a register...and it also includes 4-30 minute videos. If that isn't school, I don't know what is!! I also had similar trainings for HEB (the grocery store chain around these parts) and The Home Depot. Talk about some BULLSHIT!!!!



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