Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giving Back Change

Kathy over at The Junk Drawer brought up an interesting topic yesterday.

When giving back change, she urges cashiers all over the world to make sure they place the coins in the customer's hand BEFORE the bills are handed over. Why? Because many people spill their coins all over the place while attempting to put them in their purse or pockets.

So I asked myself what I usually do in this situation and whether or not I was guilty of what Kathy had described. And I realized that I DO give customers their coins first before their bills. The ones I like, at least.

When someone pisses me off, I tend to throw it all in their hand at once, causing the coins to spill all over the place. A little "Oops, sorry" along with my winning smile keeps me innocent and unsuspecting.

But I'd like to ask all customers out there to make it easy for us cashiers.

If you want your coins handed back to you, make sure you don't already have a ton of shit in your hand where we have to carefully place the coins in your hand. We don't want to touch you, we just want to be able to drop the coins into your open palm. If you are holding stuff in that hand, it makes us hard to drop the coins. Me, I do it anyways, and watch as the coins drop onto your keys and then onto the floor. Why? Because you shouldn't have had so much crap in your hands when I handed back your change.

If we can both work together here, I think we could end up with a wonderful relationship.


  1. When cashiers put the coins on top of my bills, I about have a nervous breakdown. It's one of my pet peeves.

  2. I popped over here via the Junk Drawer. Good for her to write about the change first problem since that lesson seemed to have been dropped from the training some years ago and has irritated me ever since.

    A bigger pet peeve - and I looked through your posts to see if you had written about it - is gas station attendants who won't come to the driver's window. Blows my mind. I swear I'll choose my next car because it has the gas cap on the driver's side just to save my blood pressure. As it is now I try to limit my gas station visits to the ones where the guy (all guys on my route!) come to my window.

  3. Change on top of the bills has always been one of my pet peeves. Drives me nuts, especially when you go to the drive through window.

  4. I felt silly after reading this since I usually gave change back on top of the bills, so I have corrected my evil ways. I have also begun to notice that most customers hand me change on top of bills. Hmm...

  5. Ok, I thought it was just me. I HATE it when chashiers put the bills in your hand then quickly put the coins on top of the bills and cover it up with the receipt!!! I HATE that! It makes the coins go all over the place, especially when you're in the drive-thru.
    (My pay back) I have to make them have basic common sence. I do not let them give me the bills first, I take it our of their hands, then, I make them place the coins into my hand like they should, like they used to a few years ago.
    I'm just glas I'm not the only person who feels this way...LOL

  6. This is one of my pet peeves also. It's bad when you're in a small car at a drive-thru window, and you're wrist is at an awkward angle. If they put the bills in your hand first, your only option is to wad up the whole mess and sort it out later. Or the germaphobe cashiers that crease the bills lengthwise and use the bills to support the change...they're the worst! I've gotten to the point where I hold my hand out and say "Change first, please." You have to wonder if some of these cashiers have never received change before? Of course, that would require putting two and two together.

  7. I try to do the coins first then bills. I hate when customers roll bills and coins into a nice little ball before handing it to me. Or when they don't hold their hand right when I give their change and the coins drop to the floor/ground. Why would you hold your hand as though you're going for a beer when I'm handing you change?



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