Friday, November 19, 2010

Educating the Customers

Another day, another douchebag.

I can't stand when customers pick on my co-workers.

The other day this regular customer walks in. I don't like him just because there's something about him that pisses me off.

So he comes in the store with another man that I've never seen before. The mystery man is talking to my co-worker and asking her questions:

Mystery Man: Did you graduate high school? (Like it's any of his business)

Co-worker: No.

So the regular customer pipes up: See, she's what you call a drop-out. You're a high school drop-out. You won't get any better job than this one.

Sadly, I wasn't there when this happened. If I was, I probably would have told him to go fuck himself with his high school diploma.

Unfortunately, we get this all the time. Customers always think it's their business to find out how far we've gotten with our education. And when I tell them I have a Bachelor's Degree, they ask "why the hell do you work here then?" or "What, you couldn't get a better job than this one?"

My answer? "None of your business."

And this is why when you get home those Twinkies you bought are smashed.


  1. OMFG, I've had this exact scenario happen numerous times. I'd just tell people that it's a recession on the verge of a depression, and there aren't many jobs out there. *sad puppy dog eyes*

    Then I'd just rake in the tips. Suckas!

  2. People are a holes sometimes. I too have a B.S and went to law school for a year and you know what? I'm unemployed. Shit happens. F him

  3. Wow. It's astounding that people can be so rude.
    I used to experience something similar but for very different reasons. Except for the reason that some people are just assholes.

    Sorry if that makes absolutely no sense.

  4. I can't believe people can be so RUDE! I work a second job, part of it includes cashiering, just to whittle down my student loans.

    I'm fairly certain with my regular 9-5 job I make more money than my bosses, bosses boss but I never bring it up.

    We're there to do a job just let us do it.

  5. What the fuck is wrong with people? Sheesh bunch of cunt faced a-holes.

  6. That's just plain rude and he deserves to have more than his twinkies crushed.

  7. Yeah, I say smash is other twinkies next time.

  8. HA! Kathleen has the right idea. Smash those twinkies! Twist'em up good and make him cry for his mamma!

  9. "there's something about him that pisses me off"

    I found this funny because you seem to be able to find fault in so many places (tapping, slow talking ect.) that I was surprised you could not find one to mention for him.



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