Monday, November 15, 2010

Double Counting Money

Whenever a customer hands me money, I always recount it in front of them before I put it in the register. There have been way too many times that I immediately threw a $5 or $10 bill into the register only to have the customer tell me they gave me a larger bill.

So now, I count everything out. Especially when a customer hands me $15 in $1 bills.

One of our regulars came in the other day buying beer. His total was $14.75 and he handed me 15 $1 bills. I started counting them.

Customer: Oh, I guess you don't trust me, so you have to recount it.

Me: I recount everything, it has nothing to do with trusting you or anything.

Customer: It's all there, you don't have to count it.

Me: Yes, I do.

Customer: So you don't trust me then.

Me: No, I guess I don't.

Customer: Well maybe I should shop at a place where I'm trusted.

Me: Are you serious? You're getting mad because I'm recounting your money to double check that it's all there?

Customer: Well I wouldn't lie to you.

Me: You know what, next time don't pay me in singles.

What does he expect really? Do people think I will take their word for how much money they give me and just let them walk out the door?

Does anyone have any idea how much money people short us? Tons of people will throw bills or coins on the counter, yell out how much gas they want, and leave the store. While we're counting it we discover that they short-changed us.

Let your cashier take the extra time to count out your money. Who knows, maybe you gave the cashier too much money and they will give it back to you. Or not. If you rush out of the store and you gave me $1 too much or something, I'm not running outside to you after you didn't even have the courtesy to wait around for me to count it.


  1. I count everything twice in front of the customer, then once as I'm putting the money in the register. I then double count change before I hand it back.

  2. That guy sounds like he was just looking to hassle someone. What an ass!

  3. Yeah I have had arguments with cashiers because I handed them a 20 and they said I gave them a 10. The were later embarrassed when their manager had to come and count the till or review a security tape to see that I was correct. I do't blame you though checking avoids a bunch of headaches.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  4. I remember when I was working at a retail store once and a customer got mad at me for taking too long when I counted out her money. When I handed her back the extra 5 she had given me, she suddenly stopped complaining. Funny thing.

  5. I hope he DOES take his ass off to shop somewhere else. Who needs the hassle of d-bags like that, anyway? I count to make sure that 1) I was given enough to cover the amount of the bill, and 2) To make sure that they didn't hand me extra bills that need to go back to them. Anyone who doesn't like it can take their sorry behind home and start shopping on the Internet exclusively.

  6. "You don't trust me huh? I like when strangers ask you that. Great story.

  7. Don't they realize that our ass is grass if our drawer is short or over?
    Why would I trust a stranger anyway?

  8. What I love is when they hand you $15 in singles then announce "fifteen dollars" like you are too dumb to count it yourself. Or maybe they think if they give us only $12 and tell us they gave us $15 that we will simply let it go.

  9. I always double count. I had a woman walk away forgetting her $13 in change. I called her back but she would've left the store if I didn't.



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