Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fine, Don't Believe Me

It's no secret that I hate the lottery machine as well as the lottery customers.

But what I really can't stand is when a customer doesn't realize their lottery ticket is a losing ticket.

We had this guy come in one time that brought in a lottery ticket.

"I want to cash this in," he said as he handed it to me with a smile on his face.

I scanned it through the machine and found that it was not a winning ticket.

"Sorry, it says it's not a winner," I said as I handed it back to him.

He took the ticket and looked at me. "What are you talking about? This is a winning ticket, it says so right here. It's a $5,000 winning ticket!" he yelled as he pointed to something on the ticket.

Normally I would look at the ticket and find out where he fucked up thinking it was a winner, but

a) he was yelling at me

b) it's a dick move to bring in a lottery ticket thinking you won a big amount, and not inform the cashier first to ask them if they have enough money to even cash the ticket

"Sorry, it's not a winning ticket," I said as I shrugged my shoulder.

I could see his temper coming out as he started to get red in the face. "You probably cashed it just now and are going to keep the money," he said.

Oh boy, here we go.

"I'm going to call the lottery commission about this store. I know I have a winning ticket and you just pulled some kind of scam. I want my money!" he said as he backed away. I was about to pick up the phone and call the cops on this nutjob, but he ended up turning around and storming out the door.

I never heard anything about it ever again. My guess is that the douchebag went home, maybe even called the lottery, but that someone he knows probably looked at the ticket and saw that it wasn't a winner.

I seriously hate the lottery.


  1. People who can't tell if their lottery tickets are winners or not probably shouldn't be out of their homes without their minders.

  2. Seriously? Exactly how dumb are people? I certainly don't envy you having to deal with lottery customers. The only gas station in our area that doesn't sell tickets is an Exxon Family Stop. It's out of my way, but I go there every time because I hate standing in line while people cash in their tickets..or buy hundreds of tickets...or just annoy the crap out of the cashiers. Sorry girl!

  3. Back in the day when I worked in a convenience store, I had a customer who was overjoyed because he thought he won a jackpot on a scratch off. So he goes to the lottery headquarters where a nice lottery employee proceeded to show him if he had completely scratched the card as one is supposed to do, he would have noticed that he was not a winner. Naturally this was my fault as I sold him the ticket. But I think your customer was a bigger asshat.

  4. Holy fuck, lottery people are my least favorite customers. We get at least one of those a week ourselves. Luckily we can only cash up to $500, but people still throw fits because they can't bother to learn how to read their own tickets when it turns out to be a loser or win some scant amount. The ticket checker doesn't lie, sorry. So yeah, they are perfectly welcome to go to the lottery commission about it and make an ass of themselves there.

    If you ever saw him again, I'd ask him about it and then tell him to learn how to read his damn ticket before coming into the store and making a stink over nothing.

  5. I hate lottery people. Especially the ones that come in with their "numbers" written in chicken shit handwriting and then get pissed off when you ask if that's a 1 or a 4. Cocksuckers.

    1. will you write for on commission

  6. The customers thinking we cashed it and kept it.. Ugh I tell them that if it was a winner the machine plays a loud recording that says WINNER WINNER WINNER!!!! and prints out a validation

  7. You have a lot of fucking CRAZY ass customers. Holy hell, people scare me!



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