Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolutions

It's funny how everyone's New Years resolutions are either to quit smoking or to lose weight.

Come on, people. How about something more interesting?

What about making a resolution to always clean up after yourself at the coffee counter?

Or how about making sure you always puke in a garbage can instead of right next to it?

Or even to not cram six doughnuts into a bag and tell the cashier you only have two?

I always make one New Years resolution and I never seem to stick to it. I tell myself every year that I will work to be nicer to people.

Then I get to work, and someone always seems to make me fuck up and yell at them.

So this year I'm not going to resolve to be nice. I'm just going to be the same crabby cashier I always am.


Because some jerk started off my new year yesterday by grabbing a bottle of iced tea and tossing it to his friend, who I hope doesn't play any kind of sport because he dropped it and the glass shattered all over the place.

"Clean-up in Aisle 1" is what I have a feeling I will be hearing a lot this year.


  1. Go figure he didn't catch it. They would've both been out of my store after something like that. Last time I checked, convenience stores aren't playgrounds.

  2. I agree with Kitten Britches...

  3. Ugh, MORONS!!!! Why do there have to be SO MANY OF THEM!!!!!!! Just hand them the broom and dustpan, and tell them they better not miss any glass, or they'll be held liable in court for someone's cuts! xD Maybe then, they'll use their one f-ing brain cell next time before playing catch with glass bottles.

    PS -- This shit happens where I work almost every single day. We sell those glass bottles of IBC root beer, as well as a variety of glass-bottled teas and juices. Our lunch trays are crap at best, so anytime someone comes up with a glass bottle of something, I tell them: "Better hang on to that glass bottle. They like to slide right off those trays and hit the deck." Then, the MORON gives me this snide look, like "I think I can handle my own drink, thanks", turns around, and sees said drink fly right off the tray like I said it would and shatter all over the fucking place. Not less than 4 times a week this happens. Makes me want to bust out an aluminum baseball bat and get to work on thinning the herd!! Survival of the fittest, and all that jazz. ;)



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