Monday, January 17, 2011

We're All Just Great Big Scammers

Why is it that people think they can get something resolved in the middle of the night?

I was working night shift one time when this dickface came in and stormed up to the counter.

"Uh, I got $10 in gas this morning and would like to know why it charged my card $37.76," he said, intently staring at me.

I looked at the clock and it was one in the morning. "I don't know," I said, dreading where this conversation was going.

"Well why are you people charging my card more than I pumped? Is this some kind of a scam or something?" he said, jumping around and waving his arms in the air. He was kind of a little man and looked like an Oompa Loompa, but bald.

What many people don't get is that when you pay at the pump outside with your credit card, it sort of puts a hold on your card to make sure there are funds available for you to pump. Some of these holds go away right away, but some stay pending in your bank account anywhere from a few hours to a day or so, depending on your bank. So when this asshole said he was charged $37.76 for gas, that was really the hold that was put on his card so that he could pump that $10 in gas.

I tried to explain that to him but by this time I didn't even want to deal with him once he said scam. I don't know why people claim scam and think it will magically solve everything.

"Sir, it is one in the morning. What exactly do you think I can do at this hour?"

"I want you to fix it and give me my money back. I tried to use my card somewhere else and it declined," he said, still hopping around.

"Well maybe you should keep more than $37.76 in it," I said, wishing he would call me rude and just leave.

"It's none of your business what I have in my account. Look at you, you just work at a gas station," he said, backing up.

That's right little guy, insult me as you're walking away from me. Real nice.

"You'll have to come back at normal hours and talk to someone instead of being in here at one in the morning and demanding money. That's what robbers do. Do you want me to call the police and say you're robbing me?" I said as I picked up the phone.

He shook his head, called me a bitch and walked out the door.

A few days later I asked around to see if this man had come back trying to get his money. No one saw him, which means that his credit card probably went back to normal once his bank released the funds back into it. Just like I told him.

However, this isn't the first time someone has come in the middle of the night trying to get an issue resolved.

Just because we are open 24 hours doesn't mean that a manager is always here.

Can someone give me any kind of an explanation as to why people do this? I'd really like to know so that I can be more understanding next time.


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    1. You are a major dumb fucking douche bag fuck your blog!

  2. I can see why he would be angry as that does sound like a lot of money. But charging in like a bull in a china shop at stupid o'clock is hardly likely to solve anything. The holding policy is nothing to do with you, it's not like you are responsible for the invention of it. You just happen to work there. And you did explain that the money would be returned as soon as the transaction was processed. There was no need to work himself into a lather. It was inconvenient yes, but not permanent.

    It sounds like he was just angry and looking for someone to blame. But that's not your fault, and he should learn to contain himself.

  3. ummm... what's up with the american women guy? sheesh

    it's like when a patient comes in at 8:50 (we close the office at 9) and wants a full work up for their 13 year old who's had a headache for 8 years. seriously?

    at least you can be rude and sarcastic when people act like assholes :)

    you're very funny

  4. Yikes, sounds like you had a worse night than I did. x.x

    I would've had a hard time keeping my cool after the "scam" comment as well. I would've just explained the card policy and told him that if he didn't believe me, then he could take it up with a manager at a decent hour.

    I wish I could think of an explanation of why people come in at odd hours to resolve things.

    Try reading some of the Boycott guy's blog. This guy is a raging lolcow.

  5. I am guessing that the boycott guy has a very small penis and most likely storms around convenience stores demanding his money back in the wee hours of the morning.

  6. I love your "take no shit" attitude. I mean, really. What could you POSSIBLY do in the middle of the night about his issue?

    I don't work in a service industry as you do (well, I do but not with the general population) but I'm sure I'd get to that "take no shit" level in record time.

    (Love your blog, read it every day and get bummed when you don't write.)

  7. Some people are just angry little weasels and he sounds like one of 'em. You have the patience of a saint, methinks...

  8. I agree with Lindsay. And I love the line ""Well maybe you should keep more than $37.76 in it"!

  9. LOL Way to tell that ugly fucker!! I never work at night, but it never fails that a moron will wait until the most inopportune moment possible to want their shit fixed RIGHT NOW. Like when they storm in during the middle of lunch rush, line out the door, and want to know how they were charged for 2 bags of chips instead of one...OMFG!! Everybody stop what you're doing, THIS PERSON is the VIP of the FUCKING UNIVERSE, and THEY HAVE AN ISSUE!! Give me a break. People need to get the fuck over themselves, and how!!

  10. im working as a customer svc rep and been in this same situation before...its just so damned annoying and how I wish i could talk back like you...i especially hate it when they start yelling even before you could explain anything...i mean, if you want help, stop yelling and start listening.



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