Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aren't You Afraid of Working?

I work a lot of night shifts and people always ask me the same question: "Aren't you scared working by yourself at night?"

I used to be. Not so much anymore though.

Of course I'll always be afraid that I'll get robbed or shot, but luckily the police frequent our area often, so that lowers the chances of would-be robbers coming in.

As for everything else though, I don't let shit bother me anymore.

I used to be paranoid when a group of punks or drunks would walk in. But now I just put on my 'night shift face' and handle any problems they throw at me. I also don't hesitate to call the cops if someone tries starting shit in the store. When people see your hand reaching down for the phone, they tend to get nervous and just leave.

The area my store is in is slowly becoming worse, and in about 10-15 years I probably won't want to work there anymore. All the old people in the community are dying or getting thrown in nursing homes, and the losers moving in are what this city is going to become. Our biggest seller will most likely be Swisher Cigarillos.

Ask me in 10-15 years if I'm afraid of working alone at night, and I'll say hell yes. But by then I'll probably be carrying a shotgun to work.


  1. What does the "night shift face" look like?

  2. I used to work until midnight sometimes and walk through an area that wasn't really that safe. I never really worried too much though. And I never had any trouble either.

  3. I guess we just get tougher with age. Kind of sounds like my town, all the old people dieing off and nothing but a bunch of punks and drunks

  4. Rox: The night shift face consists of me putting on my mean face. That means I lower my eyebrows, and have absolutely no smile or signs of personality in me at all. My voice also comes across as stern, yet friendly in a 'dont-fuck-with-me' kind of way. It's not a very attractive look, which is exactly what I'm going for.

    Linda Medrano: So far no trouble here. We just get the usual smart-mouths.

    Karen Peterson: No and I hope we never will.

    Ann: Sad, isn't it? I miss the cranky old men that would hit people with their canes.

  5. Become a cranky old cashier (in 20 years time, will you be close to old?) with a cane. You can do it. Crack'em one upside the head. Or, get that menacing Dirty Harry "Do you feel lucky" growl and get a permit to carry a gun.

  6. I have a version of the Night Shift Face I use at home when my kids are misbehaving. LOL Works EVERY time! ;D

  7. I work 3rd shift and i know that night shift face very well! i work overnight at a motel in the wrong part of town. :)
    I know it is anolder post, just reading through, and had to comment on this



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