Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stand There and Wait

"Okay, your total is $3.54."

The customer hands me a wad of bills. "Put the rest in gas on pump #7," he says as he walks away.

This scenario happens a lot. A customer will want their change in gas. But the problem is that they are walking away before I can tell them what that total in gas will be.

I'm sure a lot of people add it up in their heads, but most of them just trust the cashier to set their gas pump for the correct amount.

There are also the customers wanting gas that hand me a wad of bills and walk away before I have a chance to count it all out to make sure it's all there.

Please don't do that.

It's bad enough that we have to uncrumple all of your bills. The least you can do is stand there until we count it all. What would you do if I set your gas pump for $2 less than you gave me? You couldn't prove it because all of the money is safely in the cash register after you leave the store. And I'd walk out of that store with 2 crisp dollars in my wallet.

Actually, if I did this to every person that does that to us every day, I'd probably leave the store with 20 crisp dollars in my pocket. Adult bookstore here I come!

But I am an honest cashier. Others aren't though. Please take the few extra seconds and wait there until the cashier verifies the amount you have given him/her. Do that or risk having your money pocketed.


  1. This made me think of people that hand me wet money. And wet things actually. Someone returned a rental item the other day that was really wet and I had no idea why. Gross.

  2. People are so stupid sometimes :)

  3. I like your blog and I will be coming back.

  4. When I was a cashier uncrumpling bills was my pet peeve! If looks could kill there would have been a lot of dead customers!

  5. They toss over crumpled bills, and I make them stand there and wait until I uncrumple each one individually. Then they start to get the fricking picture!! And god help you if you toss me, say, a $50 bill for a lesser amount of stuff, and the $50 is all crumpled up. I go out of my way to crumple up all of your change into the most complex and crazy package available, and then I toss it back. LOL

    People are SOOOOO STUPID!!

  6. @Passionofthemom - HA HA HA! I could just picture a cashier handing back wads of crumpled ones. That would be so damned funny!

    I always wait while the bill is counted - if I miscount the change/bills, then at least I can fork over the proper amount. I would hate for the drawer to be short simply because I was in a hurry.



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