Monday, August 9, 2010

Thank God It's Over

FINALLY! The carnival is over with for this year.

It was a horrible weekend. I had to go home a few times because I got so stressed out. Who stressed me out?


I swear if I ever have kids, I'm going to keep them as a baby, send them off to relatives between ages 12-25, and then have them come back as an adult.

We hire a police officer for this event, and I couldn't believe the way these kids were mouthing off to him.

He would only let 2 of them in the store at a time, and they would get angry looks on their pimply teenage faces and ask him why more of them couldn't come into the store.

I'm sorry, but if a cop told me to do something, I would shut up and do it.

I also couldn't believe the way some of these girls were dressed. It was hooker central this weekend at the church carnival. These parents HAVE to know what their kids look like when they leave the house. The hair on these teenage girls was atrocious. Is the ratty-fried-with-a-straightener-hairspray look coming back in style again?

The best part of the weekend was when this guy got arrested. Apparently he pulled into the parking lot, parked his car to block everyone in, and got out and started walking around in circles. The cop thought it was suspicious, so he ran his plates and found out the guy had a felony warrant for breaking and entering.

What an idiot to come to a carnival and act like a douchebag so you get caught. It's always fun to see someone get handcuffed though.

As usual we caught people stealing (with a cop in the store!) and also found products on the shelves that people half drank/ate and then set back down. (Who takes a sip of water and then puts it back in the cooler?)

Hopefully by this time next year I will have won the lottery so I can buy out the carnival and shut it down immediately.

At least life can get back to the normal shitty customers.


  1. omg, I'm simply amazed. I'm with you, anything to do with a cop and my heart is racing. yikes

  2. Wouldn't it be nice to send the surveillance video of the teens to their parents? Buy some air time (somehow) and show it on television? I'm pretty sure that if some parents could see how their kids behave when they're not at home, some ratty-straightener-hairspray fried heads would be rolling.

    Hope the worst you have to deal with today is the donut person.

  3. Well thank goodness that is over with!

  4. kids just don't seem to have respect for anyone these days. If we had acted like that we would have been beaten for sure.

  5. I know one thing for will be one cold day in hell before my kids go out looking like that!! And heaven forbid I catch them acting stupid like that -- holy shit, will I come down on them! Nothing aggravates me more than unattended children who act like the world owes them something for breathing. I always find a way to fuck up their day. =) I may not have Twinkies for sale, but I sure can make life hell in a dozen other ways. >=)~



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