Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Does That Answer Your Question?

One of my readers, Steve G., posted an interesting comment the other day. He said:

"I must cop to often using gas stations as trash disposals. Anytime my car gets loaded up with newspapers and what not, I fill up a grocery bag and chuck it in their trashes, as opposed to using my home trash. Am I a bad person?"

Steve G., you suck. We always give the evil eye to those customers that empty their whole life into our garbage cans. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you only threw a tiny grocery bag away.

We usually get the people that fill up those Hefty trash bags and try to throw them away in our trash cans. I've seen people go as far as shoving them down as hard as they can into the cans so that they fit.

I'm waiting for someone to actually step into the garbage can to stomp down on their trash to make it fit.

If the trash cans are full (and they usually are on my shift because I don't do trash), people will leave their garbage on the ground next to the can.

One time I saw a girl cleaning out her car and setting a bunch of empty 6-packs of beer on the ground. She then came into the store to buy more beer and I told her to go pick those up and throw them in the garbage can. She gave me the evil drunk sneer, but did as she was told.

So, Steve G., you may not be a horrible person, but you will probably earn a crushed Twinkie the next time you buy one from your local cashier.

Until then, this landfill of smelly trash is just for you. Try shoving this in a garbage can.

Have a great day!


  1. Ha Ha My husband told me this story of how he was in line to pay the gas bill (we had a drive thru for paying the gas bill for some reason btw) and was behind this lady who happened to be enjoying a salad from McDonalds. Well she just starting picking out what she didn't want in her salad and tossing it out the window onto the ground. So he got out and yelled at her like a crazy person. So awesome! :)

  2. Woohoo, I'm famous! :D

    And yes, I keep my disposing to as minimum as I can - Normally, it's just a plastic bag from my car, or a fast food bag or two.

    I definitely wouldn't ever bring a freakin' Hefty bag to a gas station, wow! Then your car smells like trash, and worse, it could stay that way if the toxic, liquid Garbage Sludge leaks out of the bag, as it often does.

  3. well, at least they're putting it in the trash can (or attempting to do so). that's much better than them just chucking it on the floor.

    i'll always applaud a conscious effort to do the right thing on any given day.

    be blessed.

  4. I've thrown away a pop can here and there but never a whole bag of garbage. That's just plain rude

  5. Anytime I clean out my car, I go down with a Hefty bag, fill that bitch to the brim, and then haul my arse over to the dumpster for my apartment complex and toss that puppy in it. I would never DREAM of tossing out the trash contents of my car into one gas station can!! I'm a big believer in personal responsibility, and I tell my kids ALL THE FLIPPING TIME (when the time comes to clean their room and the whine gets going) that if you don't want to clean up, don't make the mess. Simple and effective...the world could learn something from that philosophy!!



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