Monday, August 30, 2010

Only One Register

I hate when lines build up at my register. There's just something about seeing 5 or 6 people waiting for me to ring them up that drives me crazy and I just have to get them in and out of the store.

It especially sucks when one of our registers break, which is what happened the other day.

We only have two registers and usually when I'm working by myself I use both of those registers to ring up customers simultaneously. I rely on being able to work quickly.

So when one of the registers decided it didn't want to work anymore, I seriously almost went crazy.

We had to revert back to the old days, when we had to stand there, one customer at a time, and wait for them to finish pulling money out of their pockets or purses. I never realized how easy it had been for me to walk over to the other register while ringing up one of these slow fucks and go ring up someone else.

I took our second register for granted, and it paid me back, big time.

Friday was the day from hell. When the register stopped working, I was with one of my older co-workers, who can sometimes be very slow and has a tendency to mess up when she gets nervous or forced to hurry.

All I could do was stand there and supervise, because as soon as the other register broke, she ran to the good one and guarded it with her life.

I don't even remember most of the morning because I think I blacked out a few times from the frustration of it all. It was as if customers were moving in slow motion that day, and the ones waiting in line were giving me the evilest looks they have ever given me.

Please note: If a cashier yells down the line of people waiting for you to 'Please have your money out and ready before you get to the register', then seriously, please have your money out BEFORE you get to the register. It saves us all time and prevents me from potentially slashing your tires later on.


  1. At least you didn't say "slash your throat." I was scared there for a second :)

  2. as long as they are standing in line waiting anyway you think they would be happy to dig out there money. It would give them something to do while they wait.

  3. One more over-stressed, underpaid and pissed off cashier? Get in line, honey.

  4. And of course, even if there's a sign saying a register is down or broken, everyone's looking all impatient, as if you're fucking up their day because THEY decided to stop and get some crap.

  5. Hey Anonymous....grow a f***ing pair and put your name, whydontcha. Coward.

    This happens to me all the time at work. People sit there and sigh and bitch and moan that they have to wait to be rung up, but then they take their sweet GD time getting out EXACT CHANGE after I've been ringing them up for MORE than long enough for their stupid arses to have started pulling out money! Can I just say, I think cash should be outlawed!! What a flipping pain in the flipping ass. At least we don't accept checks!!! God, can you imagine???



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