Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things I Hate: Sales Reps

I have a cold. All day I was sneezing and my nose was running. I had no idea that that much snot could come out of a schnoz. It's so bad that it's dripping onto the floor before I can run to get a tissue. Don't worry though, it's dripping onto my floor at home, not at work. Although I wouldn't care if it was. I'd let it drip onto your purchase if I could.

My runny nose reminds me of how much I can't stand the sales reps that come in. They think I have nothing better to do than stand around and listen to them talk about the energy drinks or chewing gum specials that they have. I don't give a shit about this stuff and I know it's apparent on my face, yet they still go on and on.

My favorite is when a "newb" comes in. Those are the sales reps that probably started just that day, and are following our regular sales rep around. Our normal rep walks around all high and mighty because they have someone who will actually listen to them for a day. While I feel bad for the newbs, I hate them as well.

I seriously hate standing there listening to these people. When I see one come in, I try to run in the back room but sometimes I'm caught off guard. I try to tell them that I'm not a manager (even though I am), but they never let me get a word in. So I have to just stand there and take it. So after they finish, I tell them that they will have to wait for the boss to come in, and then they end up giving me like 10 business cards as different ways to get ahold of them like their product is the most important thing on the goddamn planet.

I wish my powers of snot worked in my favor today when one of them came in. They brought in a free sample of an energy drink, and I wish I could have let my nose drip all over it. I'm sure that would have got them out of the store.


  1. I feel the same way. Especially when they come in about 10 minutes before I leave for home.

  2. I'm sorry! I always liked the reps that use to come to my work (doctors office) - they brought food all the time!

    Sorry your reps aren't fun like that. Even more sorry you have a cold and don't feel good! Chin up! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Wipe your nose on your hand. Shake their hand. Sneeze on their business cards. Use business card for your chewed gum, or as emergency tissue.

    Get well soon.

  4. I hope your cold is better. Maybe one of the sales reps will bring in some cold medicine samples for you. Wouldn't that be nice?



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