Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Night Shift

Why the fuck do people bitch and moan about needing more hours, and then call off their shift?

You stubbed your toe? Oh here, take a week off with pay then.

What's that? Your arm hurts and you can't come into work tonight? Why don't I break it so you can feel real pain?

Sometimes my coworkers are real assholes.

Working night shift tonight. Customers better watch out because I'm gonna be feisty.

Gonna go get some sleep.


  1. The ones that bitch the most about not enough hours are usually the ones who do call off the most. I NEVER call off and it annoys the hell out of me when I hear some of the reasons for why people do

  2. I call those people Princess Servers, because of their sense of entitlement. I hate them.

  3. Give'em a bitch slap! You can do it! Use that rancid salami in the sub that's been in the slightly refrigerated cooler display at work.

  4. I know what you mean. I used to be the one that covered for all those buttholes that called out, but since I started saying 'no', it's like a whole other world out there...

    you could try what I did. Hold a meeting w/ your employees and inform them that if they are not in the hospital, or an immediate family member, they can come in. Tell them that if they don't show up w/ a doctor's note they will be counted as no call no show.

    and define what an emergency is. sounds unbelievable, but i had to do this too. Tell them that: a death in the family (actual family, not some far distant relative)-emergency. you or your child is in the hospital-emergency. Doctor's appt you've known about for six months and didn't bother to ask off for-NOT an emergency.

    sorry, i'm rambling. the same thing happened to me today.



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