Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Things I Hate: Loud Cooler Customers

I hate restocking the cooler. It's not so bad once I get used to the cold, but I have to get in my little zone in order to get it all done or else I get lazy and work slow.

One thing I really hate though, is when I'm stocking the cooler and a customer opens a cooler door and sees me in there. Then I hear:

"Hey you! Do you have any Molson Triple X back there?"

But to me, because of the loudness of the cooler, it sounds like "Hey neiow. Fod Fdsoi neme eeoe bryt ecow?"

If I don't answer, they just repeat their question all over again.

My point? Don't fucking open the cooler doors and yell shit to me. Go ask the cashier at the front counter if we have something.

However, that's not the worst thing that can happen. The worst thing is when a customer will actually come into the cooler with me and ask me his stupid question.

Who do some people think they are that they can walk into restricted areas?

When I'm in my zone, it kinda sucks to look up and see someone standing right in front of me inside the cooler. It gives my poor little cashier heart quite a scare. These idiots are lucky I don't carry a weapon with me.

So like I said, walk your ass up to the front counter and bother the cashier up there with your drinking problem. If I'm filling the cooler, I will always tell you that we're out of stock, because I'm too pissed off that you actually bothered me while I was working.


  1. That would scare the shit out of me. (If someone came in the cooler with me) What idiots.

  2. uh, you could just chunk a 40-ouncer at their heads and maybe they'd get a clue.

  3. Those stupid MOFOS!! They need an ass-whoopin', for sure!! I wonder if a threat to call the police for trespassing would get their attention?

  4. People are so intrusive, and totally clueless about it. I remember one time when I was a waitress (sorry, a SERVER) and one guy actually came back into the kitchen because he wanted more coffee. Hey, jerkface, I'm in the middle of something, didn't you notice that my arms are loaded down with hot plates? The awesome thing was that the head chef, who was known as a HUGE a*hole, yelled at the guy and called him a moron, told him to get the f*ck out of the kitchen. And because the chef was the big cheese, the boss didn't even ream him out about it, just said it was okay because talented chefs are "allowed to be temperamental" (us waitresses later adopted that term, emphasis on the MENTAL, lol). But yeah, if I could have dumped the hot coffee on the clueless guy's lap...



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