Monday, September 20, 2010

Go Find Your Own Directions

Well, it happened again.

Some asshole came in today and demanded to know why the bathroom was out of order.

I told him someone broke it and he left.

Then he comes back in with a piece of paper and asks me where a certain street is. I wasn't sure, so I took out the map.

As I was looking it up, another customer was standing at the counter, and he asked the man what he was looking for.

As soon as I found it on the map, I started pointing in the direction that he should go. He didn't even look at me. Why?

Because now that a man was in the store and able to possibly help him, anything I said didn't matter.

And this guy didn't know where it was either. He was asking the guy what the address was, like he'd really be able to tell where it is exactly by the street numbers. He was just stalling for time so he could figure out where the street might be.

So he saw me point towards a certain direction, and then was all "Oh it's up that way. (pointing the same way I had) Yeah, just go up that way and you'll see it."

I was so pissed that I crumpled up the map and walked away.

I hate when customers completely ignore me, the cashier that KNOWS DIRECTIONS, because another man walks in the store.

So the customer that ended up cutting me off to give the guy directions was all "Yeah, just call me Mr. Map. I know where everything is."

Okay, Mr. Fuckface, I'll remember that for next time.


  1. I hope the jerk got lost after he left the store.

  2. I hate jerks like that. Nobody ever listens to me when I give them directions either, I don't know why they even ask. They ask and then they're like, oh I'll put it in my Garmin or my phone or whatever. Idiots.

  3. Men think they know everything. Mr. Map, LOL

  4. I just tell them I don't know. LOL I've lived here for 9 years, and I damn well DO know, just about every single damn street, side street, shortcut, long route, and scenic spot in this whole damn town. But when they ask, I DON'T KNOW. =) That's what Google Maps is for, don't they know? xD



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