Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where Did You Wipe That?

Every morning when I come into work, I have to walk around the store and clean up other people's crap.

We have tons of trash cans all over the store, yet people still feel the need to place their empty fountain drinks, or McDonald's wrappers on our shelves next to products we sell.

The worst is when people stick their used gum to the shelves. I wish I could see who does that, and hand it back to them with their change when they come up to the register.

However, the worst story I ever heard was when I worked at a drug store.

My manager at the drug store was watching this woman walk down the aisles with her kid. I don't remember how old the kid was, but I do remember that it wore diapers.

As the woman is walking, she's asking the kid if it went to the bathroom. She ends up sticking her hand in the kid's pants to check, and coming back up with a handful of poop on her fingers.

So what does she do?

She takes the poopy hand and wipes it off on the shelf she's standing next to.

Then she walks away with the kid and leaves the store.

My manager saw this whole thing happen and ended up having to clean the kid's shit off the shelves.

This is why hate people sometimes.


  1. That is disgusting. Makes you wonder what they're like at home.

  2. I bet they're freakishly clean at home, and they think that it's okay to wipe shit everywhere else.

  3. First, there are other ways of checking for a poopy diaper than sticking your HAND in it. What a dumb ass.

    Second, wouldn't it be nice to hand that idjit the pail and rag and say "clean up your mess."

    Why do people have to be such nasty pigs?

  4. some people are just... medieval. Good GOD! Ew!

    And who in their right mind checks the diaper contents with their hand???

  5. I would DEFINITELY have called her ass on that!! Pail and rag duty, front and center, bitch! Unbelievable....



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