Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Ahh, a holiday weekend, my favorite.

The thing I hate about holidays is hearing this:

"You have to work today? On a holiday? That sucks!"

"You shouldn't have to work."

"No one should have to work on a holiday."

"You're stuck working today? Aww, too bad."

Yes, don't remind me. Don't remind me that YOU are the reason I have to work a holiday. If you weren't here, and no one came into the store, I could be sleeping off a hangover or something. We could close down the store and actually take a holiday off.

But instead, I have to get reminded by every other customer that I'm stuck at work.

Please don't remind us. Trust me, we are already aware of this fact.

Have a great weekend! I'll be stuck at work, hating all of you.


  1. I always hated that. Another one that used to happen all the time...are you in school? Like since I had this job I must be going to school to get away from it. I always just would say, I've been done with school for a long time. I wouldn't indulge them and let them know if it was college or high school or what because they were nosy jerks to begin with.

  2. I love on Sundays when the Christian-folk act like I'm sinning because I'm working on the Sabbath. They don't seem to see the irony behind the fact I'm working so they don't have to.

    In response to the above comment: I get people asking me that all the time. Sorry it's a recession, fuckwad. Do you have a "real" job you can give me? No? Then STFU.

  3. One time on a holiday that I had off I went into the store I work at to pick up something I had forgotten. The manager reminded me that "People like me" were the reason we had to be open :)Try to have a good holiday anyway

  4. Fire Dept. Same thing. Police, same damn thing. And hospitals, let's not forget hospitals.

  5. Hmm...don't you work because you need the money? Because I am sure that your working is NOT my fault. Perhaps you need to look for a new line of work? Just sayin...

  6. to the person above me, if you and other customers didn't go into stores on holidays then we wouldn't have to work, that's all she's saying. i work when my manager tells me to. if they make me work labor day, then i have to work labor day. it's not exactly easy to just find a new job where i live, and in most of the usa. you seem kind of rude. do you love your job and the people in it?

    in response to the post, i constantly have the same comments. or when they let me know how 'gorgeous it is outside.' noo, really? i'm glad that it's perfect outside and i'm stuck working. i'm glad you would tell me that.

  7. I work in a call centre, not in a store, but I'm always asking myself just the same question. :) Although I generally have little qualms about working on holidays, still I don't get why we have to work on real big ones. Say, I have to work on Christmas night so that somebody could call us and ask questions about their bill from last May. Seriously, people, just use the bloody automatic customer service system on our website to view your bills if you have nothing better to do on Christmas. And bloody stop wishing me merry Christmas, since being stuck at work answering your stupid questions instead of celebrating with my family is *so* much fun.

  8. You have such a poor customer service attitude. If you were my employee and treated my customers that way, you wouldn't last a week.

    Perhaps if you changed you pissy attitude, the customers might give you some respect - even though you don't appear to deserve very much of it.

    1. Respect is a two-way street. I for one can be the happiest perkiest person in the world. But since I got into a job where I have to cater to rude, bitchy, greedy customers on a regular basis. Day after day. Dozens of them every shift. It makes some of us more than a little bitter. Cashier, waiter/server, fry cook, stock person; these are not bad or degrading jobs until you get people coming in with their attitudes and acting like you're beneath them. Quitting and finding a better job is easier said than done, and those kinds of people just remind you of how stuck you are.



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