Monday, September 27, 2010

Just a Small White Bag

This lady came up to me the other day and leaned in close to me at the register.

She whispered, "Um. Hi. Can I throw away a small white bag into your dumpster?" She was holding her hands up to indicate the size of the bag, which looked like it was about the size of a basketball.

I wondered why she was whispering this to me. "We have garbage cans outside the door right there, you can throw it in there."

"Well it's just a small white bag. They wouldn't let me throw it away in their dumpster over there," she pointed towards the gas station across the street.

This had me curious as to why they wouldn't let her throw this 'small white bag' out at the other gas station. I didn't really want to find out why, though.

"We have trash cans outside. If you can fit it in there, you can throw it out. Otherwise you'll have to go somewhere else."

She nodded at me and walked out. I wanted to see what she would do, but all she ended up doing was getting in her car and driving away.

Small white bag my ass. She probably wanted to throw a dead body in there.


  1. I'm seriously creeped out now. I think what you mean is part of a dead body because you know, you can't fit a whole body in a small white bag. Maybe a head, though.

    And thus concludes the weirdest comment I ever left on another's blog.

  2. I think it's funny that she specified the color. As if, had it been a blue bag, the answer would have been, Of course!

  3. Drug drop off, or mafia?

  4. People are crazy...and your blog cracks me up. I deal with the public (on the phone) all day and I pretty much want to say "Fuck You" to about 75% of them when I hang up! Thanks for the anger outlet!



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