Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'll Take Your Coins

I love it when customers are broke. Why?

Because many will raid their parents/grandparents/spouses stash and end up paying for their purchases in old coins. And that means that I get to add to my coin collection.

I get lots of old and exotic looking coins from these people. I think it's probably the only time I genuinely smile in the store.

The sad part is that most of these people end up buying things like Black and Milds or Swisher cigarillos with this money. At least use the old coins for milk or bread or something. Even condoms. Those are a necessity, right?

So if you have a broke family member, make sure to hide your old coin collection, because they just might bring them in to pay for a pack of Phillie Blunts. I sure won't turn them away.


  1. One of the managers at our store checks the coins regularly. He's got a nice collection going too

  2. I find the most interesting currency when I count down my drawer!! The other day, I found a turn-of-the-century rupee from India that was so freaking cool looking!! I don't collect them myself, but my kids LOVE interesting coins. I find a shitton of wheatie pennies, and I keep waiting to find the really valuable ones. =)

  3. silver dollars from the 1870s to early 1900s - that was my big find as a bank teller. This old lady had brought them in, just wanted paper money in exchange. Don't you want to take them to a dealer, I asked - she said no, they were all from the years her sisters and brothers had been born - and they were all dead now, and so she just didn't want to keep the silver dollars anymore. That was sad, that she had no one to give them to but a bank teller - so I exchanged them for her, and then had to tell the co-workers (who were peering into my window with barely disguised drooling glee) to get the hell out, I had first dibs.

  4. Ann: I've got a huge jar that will hopefully fill up by the time I die. :-D

    passionofthemom: Wheat pennies are the ones I find the most of. Every so often I'll get a really old dime, quarter, or even bills.

    Kathy English: I'm drooling too after hearing your story. ;-)



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