Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Magnify This, You Jerk

Thank god I'm off for the next two days.

I had this regular customer come in today and hand me two Marlboro coupons, but wanted to buy Camel cigarettes with them.

I hate when people assume we'll take coupons for different products. We do this sometimes, but not all the time because then we get yelled at by the cigarette companies.

So I told him that we don't do that with coupons but that I'd take them just this one time.

So I go to ring up his $1 off coupon, and look at the expiration date. They expired in July.

By this time I've got a line of people behind him.

"I'm not taking these, they're expired," I say as I hand them back to him.

What does he do then? He pulls out a magnifying glass from his pocket to look at the expiration dates. "It's only $1. You can take these."

"No, I can't." I wasn't getting stuck paying for this guy's coupons.

So he threw 75 cents on the counter for his newspaper, and walked away, not wanting the cigarettes I guess.

I bet you can guess what I wanted to do with that magnifying glass of his.


  1. What an ass. I feel embarrassed when a clerk discovers I've included an expired coupon in the stack I hand over at the register. This is probably the same kind of asshole who tries to cash coupons by telling the teller they're rebate checks.

  2. No, please, explain it to us. In graphic detail. Exactly where did you want to forcibly insert the magnifying glass?

  3. LMAO @ Doug S! xD

    What a douchenozzle!! I'm glad you stuck to your guns and didn't take his stupid coupons. Someone has to stop the rampant spread of stupidity in this world!! LOL I'm working on it from my end, as well...*high five* xD



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