Friday, September 17, 2010

Seeing Customers Outside of the Store

It's bad enough when I have to see the same sucky customers every day, but when I see them out around town it's even worse!

If I'm out shopping or something and run into one of them, I can't pretend I have work to do or anything, so I'm usually stuck talking to them. It's always the same too:

Customer: Oh hey, I know you!

Me (sighing inwardly): Yeah, it's me.

Customer: You work at that gas station! (They say this like they can't believe I'm actually out with the human race.)

Me: Yep, they let me out of the cage today.

Customer: Hahahahahhah that's funny.

And so this is how it goes every single time. I cringe when I run into one of the talkers, because then I know I'm stuck for awhile. It's like I'm someone they haven't seen in forever, so they have to update me on everything, even though they see me every. single. day.

It makes me want to stay at home on my days off and become a hermit.


  1. Ugh, same here!! And I NEVER see the cool ones out in's always the assholes and the d-bags. C'est la vie...

  2. One of my daughter's teachers said that everytime she sees one of her students in the grocery store, they seem amazed that she is outside of the school. It's like they think she lives there, LOL.

  3. You have such a poor customer service attitude. If you were my employee and treated my customers that way, you wouldn't last a week.

    Perhaps if you changed you pissy attitude, the customers might give you some respect - even though you don't appear to deserve very much of it.



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