Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fun on Night Shift

Well, here I am working another night shift. Thank God there is Internet access here because I'd probably fall asleep if there wasn't anything to do. I've recently discovered those 5 Hour energy shots. I took one at around midnight, and my shift ends at 6am, so I should be ready to 'crash' sometime around then.

Thankfully there hasn't been too many weirdos tonight. I mean, there are some characters in here, but not the creepy kind like there usually is.

If you aren't going to work, or coming home from it, then why are you awake and in the store shopping for a twinkie? Most of the time (and I say MOST, not ALL), the people up in the middle of the night mainly don't have jobs. That's the same with afternoon customers that come in to play lottery. They have nothing else to do because they don't work. Where they get money for lottery I don't know, but they are there every day playing numbers.

However, tonight has been full of people taking their time giving me their money. Since it's night shift I don't usually mind, but when I'm working in the morning and people are busy and on their way to work, there is no time for me to wait while you count out 57 cents in pennies.

I wish I could wear a sign that tells people they should have their money ready BEFORE they get to the counter. But, apparently I have nothing else to do while these people sort through their change and pull out the lint collected from their pockets.

And after beer sales close at night, it's pretty slow around here. I'll sell the occasional cigarettes or Hot Pocket, but generally people don't come out if they can't buy alcohol.

Only a few more hours to go. Let's hope it goes quickly and I don't have any freaks in here tonight.


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  1. I have worked at several convenience stores/gas stations in Arizona, California and Chicago. I worked night shift in all three places, and in Chicago I worked every shift every week (a couple of day shifts, an evening shift and joy of joys, the graveyard shift on Friday and Saturday nights - the worst nights for graveyard shifts).

    I had someone call me at the store when I was working graveyard by myself (in California). He claimed that he had helped build the store and put a video camera in the women's bathroom. Lovely.

    In Chicago, I had a guy come in after being mugged and stabbed. Another guy stole a bunch of canned goods but left before the cops got there.



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