Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Giving Back a Little Piece of Me

Working today reminded me of another thing that people do.

When giving change back to a customer, I always hold it out and wait for them to take it from my hand. I will not, however, stand there holding out your change while you take 20 minutes to put everything away before taking your change.

If you see my hand out waiting to give you your change, take it. Right away.

Yes, I know it's good exercise for me to hold my arm steady, but I'm at work. I don't want to exercise.

Take today for example. This man comes in, I ring him up. His total was $1.09 and he hands me $2.00. His change is 91 cents. Simple. So I get his change and hold it out to him. Well he looks up, sees me holding it, yet decides to instead zip up every pocket in his 20-pocket jacket.

1. Who needs that many pockets?

2. Why didn't he just take the change when he saw it??

So, in my impatienceness (yes, i know that's not a word.) I set his change down on the counter. Why? Because 10 seconds is 9 seconds too long to be holding it.

And this action earned me a dirty look from him.

But before you think I'm the crappiest person on the planet, I really don't mind holding out change for someone that doesn't notice that I'm doing it. Like if they are screwing around in their purse and haven't looked up yet to realize that I am trying to complete their purchase. Those people don't bother me.

It's the ones that KNOW I am waiting there, SEE me holding change, yet IGNORE me until they are done.

Sometimes I wish I could just keep all this change that I have to wait to give back. A new rule could be that if they make me wait 20 seconds or more, then I get to keep it. I'd be a freaking millionaire!

So please, if you ever see a cashier handing back your change, take it. Quickly. Please. Don't make us angry. We may rebel one day.


  1. When someone is handing me money, I grab it QUICK.

  2. You're nicer than me. When I was a cashier, I'd set the change on the counter after 3 seconds whether they saw me holding it out or not. Because come on, they know they're getting change, how long do they think it takes to get change out of the register??



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