Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I hate wintertime at the store. Not because of the cold weather, or wet shoes, or crappy snow. No, I hate wintertime at the store because of the people that come in with snot running down their nose.

I don't understand why you wouldn't feel your nose running. Maybe it's so cold outside that your face has gone numb?

We had a guy come in today, and he's usually guilty of having his nose run all the time. I saw that my coworker wasn't really looking at him, which was proof enough that snot was involved.

I knew I should have looked away, but then he turned his head so I saw his profile.

I saw a river of snot running out of his schnoz. In the brief second I looked, it was like a volcano erupted from his nose with yellow lava pouring out.

Naturally, I started gagging. Which made my coworker gag too. I was glad she was ringing him up and I was far enough away.

I ended up staring at the floor until he left because I would have continued to dry heave if I saw it ooze out of his nose even more.

Let's hope he didn't drip any onto the coffee counter.

Unfortunately he is not the only one that is guilty of this. Plenty of people come in with their noses running, and while I usually have no choice but to ring them up, I don't think I deserve it when I see their snot drip onto the counter.

This is why I wish it were summer all the time. I'd rather deal with sweaty armpits and B.O. than runny noses.

Ugh, thinking about it makes me want to gag all over again.

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  1. You should keep a box of tissue at the counter and just point it at them and say "here you go". I don't think it would offend them.



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