Monday, February 22, 2010

Slip and Slide

Now, I know I shouldn't laugh, but sometimes it's funny when people come into my store and slip. It's funny to watch their legs each go different ways. And it's even better when they catch their balance and quickly look around to see if anyone saw them almost do the splits on the floor.

But when someone falls, that's not as funny. Slipping and sliding on the floor isn't as painful as falling on your ass.

A few months ago this lady came in, headed up to the register and fell. On her ass. People rushed over to help her, she got up, made her purchase and then left.

A few hours later she came back in a neck brace. Oh, and she was walking with a cane. She wanted to talk to the manager about her recent 'fall'. She was going to sue us because we didn't properly keep the floor dry. (even though there were signs all over the place, even in Spanish! to watch your step.)

So a few days after, her insurance agency is contacting us, wanting a video of the accident, etc. We copy everything and hand it over. She clearly fell on tape, but when I saw it the whole thing looked kind of shady.

But anyways, about a week later one of our other employees was at another store and happened to be standing in line at this other store. She saw this lady waiting in line in front of her. The only difference was....she wasn't wearing a neck brace and wasn't walking with a cane.

So naturally we tried to obtain video footage of this to turn it over to the insurance company. In the meantime, this woman still came into our store wearing her neck brace.

I swear it reminded me of that Brady Bunch episode where Mike was in court and dropped his briefcase and the person suing them in the neck brace turned around, thus proving that he was faking it the whole time and the day was saved in less than 30 minutes.

After awhile we figured the insurance company had figured out this woman was a fraud, and we soon forgot about her. Fast forward a few weeks later and this woman is back.

Not with a neck brace. Not with a cane.

She is back with a check in her hand from the insurance company and wants us to cash it for her.

She said it was our fault she fell, so we should cash the check. Of course we told her to get the $#%@ out of our store.

Really, Lady? You really have the balls to come back to us wanting to cash a check for something you lied about?

We also had looked her up online, and saw that she had multiple lawsuits against other businesses.

Thankfully I wasn't around during this whole thing, or I would have really made her neck hurt.

And this is why people try to scam insurance companies...because they get away with it. What pisses me off is that we had proof that she faked it, sent a video to the insurance company, and they STILL paid her.

Where's the Brady Bunch when you need them??


  1. OMG - this just pisses me off to no end! The average person might think, "oh well, they aren't taking money from me", but they ARE!!! In the form of outrageous insurance rates, for a starters. And more expensive candy bars. GAH!!!!

  2. I know, it makes me angry too that this woman gets away with that stuff, probably all the time.

    I think the insurance company gave her a check just to shut her up because it was for a few hundred dollars.

  3. This is ludicrous!!!! Oh, I'd so be trailing that woman everywhere she went with a video camera. How can they have paid?? Incredible and disturbing.

  4. Wow. I fell on slippery steps at a gas station once and sprained BOTH of my ankles. I just blamed it on my klutzy behavior. I didn't sue.



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