Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Bathroom

I'd like to meet the idiot that made it a requirement to have a bathroom in a store. I bet they never had to clean up after the public.

We used to have a bathroom that was working. That was before we had a Bathroom Thief. We used to leave the bathroom unlocked so that people could come and go as they pleased and do their business. But then we started having complaints that the toilet wouldn't flush, things like that. So about once a week for a few months, we noticed that someone would steal the chain from inside the toilet. You know, the thing that makes the toilet WORK?

We often wondered why someone would just steal that, when there were plenty of napkins and toilet paper that they could rip off instead.

We came up with many variations as to why someone would want just the chain. Sell it for drugs, use it to make drugs...But we finally settled on the story that they just didn't want to pay for their own chain from their toilet. But how would that explain them stealing it once a week? Did their toilet chain break that often? I didn't think so. I figured it was someone that was fucking around with us.

But I wasn't able to prove my theory, because shortly thereafter we decided to put the bathroom 'Out of Order' and just let in people that were regular customers.

So this started my obsession with watching people walk in wanting to use the bathroom. I'd like to note that the reason I will never use a public restroom is because of what I've seen in ours. If only people knew what other people before them have done to the bathroom, they'd probably never want to leave their house.

More tomorrow....

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