Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Bathroom (Part 3)

Then there are those that I hate the most. The ones that try to 'trick' me. They come up to the register and politely ask me if the bathroom is really out of order. I say yes, and then they ask 'Well where do you go to the bathroom then?' Depending on my mood, I usually say one of the following:

1. We don't have a public restroom. (if I'm in a good mood)
2. I don't. (if I don't want to be bothered)
3. Outside in the bushes.

I'm always careful with #3, because sometimes I will see people quickly run outside around to our dumpster to relieve themselves. This is usually when I'm wishing one of our local law enforcement officers pull up so I can run out there and tell them.

Usually people will go around to the side of our dumpster to take a leak, and I hope nothing else. This pisses me off because I don't want to be the one stepping in piss or shit if I'm not watching where I'm going. It's not like you're in the woods, people.

One time, I was throwing out some garbage in the back by the dumpster, and I heard a trickling sound. I listened for a second until I realized it was some Chinese guy taking a leak on our wall after I had told him we had no bathroom. So I quickly ran to the front of the store and walked outside to join him as he walked back to his car. I started yelling at him in front of everyone that was outside at the pump. All I remember was that my voice echoed a lot and that I told him he was a disgusting pig and to go take a shit at his own house, not outside on my wall.

I don't think he ever came in again.

I don't see why people get so angry with us. It's like they don't have anyone else to yell at at home and decide that yelling at a cashier will make their life so much better.

The things people have done in bathrooms is crazy. We've opened the door only to find piss, shit and other mysterious items caking the walls and sink. I hate that people think they can do whatever they want to someone else's property. And that we have to clean it up.

I've seen some employees quit before because they couldn't handle what was inside that bathroom.

We do however, have some customers that we like, that just to use the bathroom they are willing to fix it and plunge it themselves. Fine by me, you can do all the dirty work.

My coworkers and I have a rule amongst ourselves. If any one of us gives out the key to the restroom, the one who gave out the key is responsible for cleaning up whatever a customer does in there.

Ahh, if only we lived in a world without public restrooms. All I know, is that I would hate to be a janitor or any other type of worker where my job was to clean out a bathroom. People have no regard for anything if it isn't theirs and they don't have to clean it up.

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