Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coffee People

"This coffee tastes like crap," is what I heard when I walked in this morning.

Apparently mixing 4 different flavors of cappuccino plus coffee makes it taste like shit. Who knew?

It's not enough that I had to hear that first thing in the morning. But when the woman directs it at me, what am I supposed to do?

Cookies & Cream + French Vanilla + Hot Chocolate + Double Mocha + Coffee = EWWWWWWW

Since this woman decided she didn't like this concoction from hell, she wanted to pour it out and get another cup of coffee. Plain. Like it should have been in the first place.

So I told her that she had to pay for both. She gets mad and starts arguing with me that she shouldn't have to pay for another one.

How on this Earth is anything about this situation my fault? Some people don't realize that a gas station isn't a free tasting store. You can just open up a Twinkie, take a bite, then decide you don't want it. The same goes with coffee.

If you are moron enough to try that many different flavors and then throw it all away while demanding you get another cup for free, then you need to get out of my face. But pay for your coffee first, THEN get out.

I swear, it's always the first customer of the day that manages to set the mood for the rest of the day.


  1. If you mix enough fountain sodas together it taste like bubble gum. I think you need root beer, Dr. Pepper, orange, Sprite, and Coke... Haven't mixed one together in a long time though.

  2. I have poured coffee, not because I mixed a bunch of flavors and I didn't like the taste. I tossed because I always mix my raspberry cappucino and hot chocolate together. I love the taste, but cometimes the cocoa machine doesn't work and water gushes into the cup ruining my drink. Only once was I asked to pay for that cup, but I told them why and they let me get another. But for someone to just mix and then say, this is awful is a jackass.




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