Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today was one of those days. It started out with my first customer of the morning, who took 10 minutes to give me 99 cents for his coffee. He pretty much had to sift through all of the lint in his pocket before he could find suitable change to give me.

That's when I knew it would be one of those days.

And it was. Every customer after that either took forever to pay me, took forever to decide what lottery tickets they wanted, or talked on their cell phone while up at my counter.

I told a few customers to hurry up, but they were regulars, so they knew I was half kidding.

Sometimes working weekends are nice, because most of the time people don't get up until noon or later on Saturdays.

But you always get the old people that are in the store right at 6am ready to get their $1 lottery ticket or 75 cent newspaper.

Some of these customers have even come out in horrible blizzard snow storms in order to get their lottery tickets. I blame them for all the accidents that happen, because if they weren't on the road on their way to spend $1, then that would be one less car on the road that could potentially cause an accident.

Sometimes people just need to stay home.


  1. Ok, I am sorry to say that I am one of those people every now and then that are looking for enough change in the pocket. I'll think that I have grabbed my credit card and then only realize when i pull it out to pay that I have gotten the wrong one or that I didn't get a credit card at all. I have had a man to pay for milk and a few other things one time because he was frustrated with the wait. I promise I'll check my pockets next time.


  2. People pretty much suck, don't they? I work with animals and it is much much better. They are almost always awesome. If they come with great owners, it's icing on the cake. If not, so what? The animals make it worthwhile.

    I worked in retail for 20 years, so I can definitely relate. If you're not sure what your real thing is yet, consider animals.



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