Monday, August 23, 2010

Changing the Gas Prices

We have one of those old gas price signs where we have to go outside with the long pole and change the gas price numbers that way.

A lot of stores these days have digital ones, but not us. We like to keep it old school.

However, the one thing I can't stand is when I go outside to change the price, and people bother me or yell shit at me along the way.

I've been called many names when raising the gas prices. People driving in their cars will yell profanities at me or flick me off if the gas was something like 239 and is raising to 299. Like them yelling at me will somehow cause me to say 'Oh, you're right, I shouldn't raise it. Thank you for swearing at me. Because of you, that made me realize that gas should be cheap."

Well people, I don't make the gas prices, I'm just doing as I'm told.

Even people in our parking lot will stop me along the way and ask if the price is going up or down. And if it's going up, they worry that they aren't getting it at the cheaper price because they "were in the parking lot before I started walking outside, so they should get the cheaper price". Don't have a fucking heart attack, I don't raise the price of gas until the sign outside says it first.

Raising the gas prices is one of the worst jobs for a cashier. No one should have to take that kind of abuse.

Although, anytime I lower the price, people act like my fucking best friend. The worst thing about that though is the customers that will storm in after I've lowered the price and tell me "I bought gas this morning and you lowered the price? I want a refund of the difference." Uhh, no.

It's okay, I remember every one of you that has cursed at me or given me the finger. You'll get yours one day.


  1. Wow. How obnoxious. Yeah, I hate buying gas earlier in the day and then seeing that by afternoon, the price is lower. But - win some, lose some. Life goes on. When I worked as a bank teller for a very brief period of time, some customers held me personally responsible for the huge drop in interest rates (1990s). One old fart got really loud and rude about it with a lobby full of people behind him. I think your sign should have a hand with a middle finger extended, and you can put that up when the price changes.

  2. Why is it that customers yell at store employees like they are the ones that are responsible for the prices.
    I for one never yell at the cashiers or act like they are my best friend over the price of gas. I know it's not them setting those prices

  3. Uh yeah I had to stand behind this semi truck driver who was ticked about this type of situation. I can't remember how many gallons, let's say 100. Okay, I remember the price had gone down by 5 cents per gallon after he started the pump. When you break it down that's like 5 bucks. I'm pretty sure it wasn't 100 gallons. But let's say diesel is 3 bucks a gallon. Why would a measly 5 bucks matter when you are spending like 300 bucks filling it. So annoying. As if they were specifically trying to screw HIM over out of all the people in this world.

  4. Kathy English: We get blamed all the time for the gas prices. It's like they think all the cashiers sit around a big table and decide what day they're going to screw with the customers. :-)

    Ann: I always wonder that too. When they start to really yell, I always ask them if it makes them feel better to yell at a cashier.

    The Word Slinger Upstairs: We always wait until there are no people at the pump before we change the price. That way no one can come in and yell at us that we changed the price while they were pumping gas.

  5. Even with your raised gas prices, they're STILL not as much as we're paying up here in Canada. I'm from Alberta (oil capital of Canada) and took a trip once to Spokane, WA with my mother. We were filling up her vehicle and comparing the gas prices, US vs Cdn. Your gallon equals almost 4 of our litres, we were paying over a dollar a litre at that time back home. So for us, that would be over $4/gallon. The US price was $2-something. And people were complaining about it! We were like, "Honey, you have NO idea!" and they all thought it was hilarious that we Canucks are getting so jipped at the pumps, "That's funny, considering OUR gas comes from YOUR oil wells!" Ya. Real funny. So to hear that people are whining about rising US gas prices? Come live here, buddy!

  6. I have been in the customer service for about 24 years. I have seen it all. I now am an gas attendant for a local gas station in town. I am very confused with the simple fact that customer think that we are nothing. We make a mistake. You are dum. Let me tell you something we aren't. I think that sometimes the customer is not always right. I like to know who came up with that dum phase. Customer always right. If I was a customer and I walked in to the store and made a mistake. I'm in the wrong. But be a cashier you are in the wrong. I think some customer should understand that they are in the wrong. Just be human and admit you are in the wrong and don't yell at me for your mistake. You went a penny over your fuel. How's that my mistake. I didn't pump it. The gas ran out of my pump. Do I have to pay fro it? Yes, you do. You pumped it you pay for it. And my biggest favorite. Customer that intentionally drive off. Do you know it our ass that get in trouble for that. Sometimes we gas attendant will pay for it out of our own pockets. To avoid a write-up or being fired. Gas prices have gone up and customners should understand that it's not our fault the are up. We pay the same amount as you customer that is pump your gas. No, we don't get dicounts. We only wish! I make 7.25 to deal with asshole. When I should get more then that. Lay off the gas attendant.



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