Thursday, August 19, 2010

Come On Already!

Well I survived night shift. No one really pissed me off. Some did, however, irritate me.

It's interesting to see how people pause when their credit card declines. I must have gotten a lot of broke people in last night.

I inform them with "Your card declined" and have to wait as they mentally start to wonder why it declined. They eventually pull out another card or use cash, but it's those 30 seconds when we're both standing there not saying anything that annoys me.

It's even worse when it happens on night shift because there are no other customers around, so I have to just stand there while they figure out in their head what the hell they bought that would make their card decline.

People, I don't have time for this. Even though I pretty much have nothing else to do, I do not want to stand there and wait. Waiting is the worst thing a cashier has to be subjected to.

I honestly would probably rather clean the bathroom (the employee bathroom, not the public one) instead of waiting for you to pull out another card. So let's move it along here. When I tell you your card declined, just say 'Oh, okay. Here's another one" and be done with it so you can get out of my face.


  1. I can't believe I just stumbled upon you after my last post - no this is not me trying to promote my site on your site - this is me asking for forgiveness. I behaved poorly. Doing what you do is NOT easy. I too am in the service business so I should no better than to verbally attack a sales person. crazy way to introduce yourself. :)

  2. Fuck... I'm one of those people.
    Sorry my shoe spending is out of control. Damn here is reason # 231 why I suck. Thanks.

  3. I've had that happen. And it's mystifying. I mean, how could it be declined? I pay it on time. It must be the cashier did something wrong! Right?

  4. What I hate is when I use my bank card and it gets declined and I know dam well the money is there. It happens a lot where I work.

  5. Haha I can't get over how many stories you have pertaining to a job that I previously thought would be redundant.



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