Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We Sell Cars, Too!

We sometimes let our regular customers set cars outside in our parking lot to sell. We're on a busy intersection, so people get lots of calls on their cars when they sell them at our place.

I walked in to work last night and a customer inquired about a car that is currently sitting outside for sale.

Customer: How much is that car outside?

Me: I don't know, I just got here and haven't seen it until now.

Customer: Is anyone here that knows about the car?

Me: No, it's 10pm, no one is here that could help you.

Customer: So, you just let people park their cars to sell and don't know anything about them?

Me (getting pissed): There should be a phone number on the car, why don't you call it and ask?

Customer: Still, you guys should know something about it.

Me: It's not my car. Call the person that is selling it, they'll help you.

At this point I walk away because he's being an idiot. It's not my car, it's not anyone that works here's car, so I don't know why this guy was being such a fuckface.

How hard is it to call a freaking number listed on the car? Why do people think they will get all this information at 10 o'clock at night? Come back during normal hours, asshole.

I think he was trying to bully me just because he had no one else to pick on.


  1. Douche. I would have given him a number to a local hooker and see if he ever asks a stupid ass question again.

  2. Ah,..if only you had been given a 10 second warning. Then you could have come up with a bunch of bull shit like,...Your dog died in there and the brakes don't always work and opps! there was s'posed to be another zero on that price. People are too stupid. I cashiered too, so I know.

  3. I... I think we are soulmates. This blog makes me so happy. I worked at a pet store for nearly 6 years, and can pretty much relate to most of your stories in one way or another. I honestly think EVERY person should have to work some form of retail or food serving at some point in their lives, so they know how NOT to be assholes. Seriously. Working in retail has forced me to hate the human race. In conclusion, I love your blog.

  4. I would totally have made up a mess of bullshit to tell him about the car, and given him the number to the time and temperature recording at the bank. LMAO But what a freaking little shit!! People like that should be throttled by law by whomever they're projecting their douchey behavior onto.



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