Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Come On Now, Are You Serious?

One of my lovely readers commented on a post I made the other day about someone pressing the credit card reader buttons with his car keys. Here is what they wrote:

Why did your dumb ass management put out a machine with an attached pen that NOBODY can use? Really?! And do you really want to piss off a car-key-wielding customer? Because unless you personally paid for that credit card machine, why not let him sign it with anything he wants to use?

Really Susanne? Are you a fucking idiot? Let him sign the credit card reader with his car keys?

Tell me, Susanne, why should I let a customer get away with breaking something just because I didn't personally pay for it?

As for the "dumbass management", the credit card reader is going to need something called an upgrade, which means it will be done at a later time. The pen is attached because eventually customers will be signing with it. Do I really need to explain this to you? I guess I do, since you think it's okay for a customer to sign their signature with their car keys.

I appreciate all the thought provoking comments you leave. But don't say dumb shit just to say dumb shit. At least try to make SOME sense when trying to make me look like an idiot.


  1. Susanne's just pissed because she's tried to sign with her car keys before, and you called her out on being an idiot.

  2. what Chamuca said. :D

    Didn't she even think that the pen is there for a reason? Unless people place pens randomly out of sheer amusement.

  3. Oh man! I love this, you tell her! And why in the hell would anyone sign with their keys? I have never heard of that! And if some was wielding car keys at me, I wouldn't exactly be terrified.

  4. she's been rude before on previous posts... she's just one of those nasty people who don't have anything better to do then to take it out on you.

  5. I encounter many, many credit/debit machines with pens that don't work yet. Our local post office even has a debit/credit machine that isn't useable - your card must always be handed to the postal clerk. Even though the machine can run your card, it is used solely for inputting the pin.

    So what if the pen function isn't working yet. B F D. As if this should be anything *new.* Susanne needs to get over herself!

  6. Oh, yeah - let the customer do anything s/he wants because it's not like breaking card readers is going to cost the company money that will then be passed on to all of the customers in the form of higher prices, not to mention the inconvenience of having to wait for a non-broken reader to arrive and be installed/upgraded.


  7. What a fucking idiot. I assume the pen is for just pressing credit or debit (that's how it is at my grocery store). And does anyone else wonder why sometimes on these machines you can see a person's signature imprinted on the screen. How hard does someone need to sign their name??? Susanne was probably the moron that did something like that. Beyotch.

  8. Fuck you, Susanne, you thundercunt. Go change your tampon and GTFO yourself. You aren't shit, and I think you know it.

    That being said, I have to agree with everyone else on this one...what kind of a MORON dicks up a card reader with his car keys??!? Probably Susanne's husband, son, or father...LMAO



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