Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do You Have 23 Cents?

Yesterday I had a woman come in my line and brought up two cans of Red Bull for me to ring up.

They are currently on sale, two for $3.00 plus tax.

Her total came to $3.23. When I told her that, she handed me three singles.

"I need 23 more cents."

She just stared at me, so I said it again. "Your total is $3.23 and you gave me $3.00. I still need 23 more cents."

We were busy and had about 4 customers in each line. She starts looking around at the customers, just standing there staring at them. Now I was getting annoyed because she was holding up the line.

"Do you have 23 cents?" I said, while watching her continue to look around at other customers. She focused her sights on the guy who was behind her in line. She stared at him until he gave her 23 cents, still not saying one word.

She then handed me the money and walked out of the store. No thank you to the guy, nothing. It was weird. Maybe she should lay off the Red Bull.

I just wanted to whip a quarter at the back of her head as she was walking away. But with my luck she would have fell, broken her arms and legs, and sued me for my millions.


  1. Why are people such freaks. They expect everything out of others but can't even say thank you, or in her case, even talk! She should have just put one back.

  2. that takes nerve. Not even a thank you, so rude.

  3. 23 cents is a strange tax amount on a 3 dollar purchase. I'm guessing it's 7.5% sales tax? With that extra half a penny going to the state, of course.

    In Delaware, those two Red Bulls would have cost 3 dollars.

    That's the upside of living here... paying 23 cents less for the same amount of Red Bull.

  4. You are one of the funniest people ~You totally crack me up. The thing is, I feel exactly the same way about my customers - I work in an insurance office but the freaks are all the same. Best part for me is they all want to know about their insurance policy like when I am at Walmart - ", let me just whip that out of my back pocket and answer all your questions, don't worry about coming into the office, let's do it here..." Freaks. and yes, when they come in to pay if they don't have enough money, they'll just look at me and say ... that's all I have ~ w-e-l-l ....



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