Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Don't Leave the Pump Unattended

People don't read signs around here much. There's a sign on all of the gas pumps that states not to leave them unattended while pumping gas. Why?

Not only is it dangerous, but because it's your fault if it spills all over the ground.

We had a lady pull up to the pump the other day and start pumping her gas. As it was pumping, she came inside to buy some other stuff, all while talking on her cell phone.

Well while she was gone, her gas pump decided to keep pumping onto the ground once her gas tank was full.

None of us noticed it, because we were too busy dealing with the rush of customers in the store. When the lady went outside and saw this, she stormed back in, coming straight to me, of course.

"Now, I want you to tell me who's going to refund me all the money that just spilled out all over the ground," she said, staring me directly in the eye, while STILL on her cell phone.

"What are you talking about?" I needed to buy more time to access her and the situation.

"I came in here FOR A SECOND and while I was gone, your pump didn't shut off and now gas has spilled all over the ground. I want my credit card refunded."

"I'm sorry, but you aren't supposed to walk away from the pump while getting gas, and that's the reason why."

"Well it's YOUR pump that isn't working right. That's not my fault. I want a refund."

"You can't get a refund. Like I said, you left the pump and came in here. We have signs out there for a reason. You're even on your cell phone and not paying attention to anything but that. If you want a refund, you'll have to call the main office number, but I doubt anyone will give you one."

"I ONLY WANTED $15 IN GAS AND NOW IT CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD $40! Give me my money back!" she screamed. By then other customers were looking at her shaking their heads.

"I'm not giving you anything. If you'd like, I can call the police and they can sort it out."

At the mention of the police, she got even angrier and turned around and left. She yelled a few choice words at me as she left, just like they always do when they're walking away. Just once I'd like to magically teleport myself outside so as their cussing me out to my back, they can then walk right into me and crap their pants, wondering how I got outside so fast.


  1. It's not as if you guys can get your money back for the lost gas. Geez. The cell phone thing annoys the hell out of me. I mostly use mine at home lol.

  2. I've long believed that stupidity ought to be painful. I MEANT physically, but I'll take financially. She might actually pay a little attention next time.

  3. LOL, this one never ceases to amaze me. I always giggle when this happens, even though it happened to me once. I was young and stupid then.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  4. What happens to the gas on the ground in a situation like that? Do you have to clean it up with a special solution or something? Stupid broad should be charged for THAT! What a fidiot. [That's my new word: fidiot. I'm sure a smart cookie like you can figure out what it stands for. :)]

  5. haha, Nice! I'm a big fan of fighting back against stupid customers, and I'm glad you stood your ground. If I was your boss, I'd give you a bonus. The end.

  6. @BeauSaxon - really liking that new word, "fidiot." I'll have to use that - iffen yew don't mind!

    re: the gas pump fidiot, for pete's sake. She can use a cell phone, so let's hope that means she knows how to read at least at a first grade level. "Do not leave pump unattended" means. . . don't walk away while the pump is in use. Tough shit that the gas drooled all over. She should have been paying attention. Maybe next time she should use her cell phone while pumping.

  7. The Word Slinger Upstairs: I know, it annoys me too. I MIGHT have had sympathy for her if she wasn't on it, but there was no way in hell she was going to get any money back.

    Sarah: I doubt it. These types of people never learn, because they don't blame themselves in the first place.

    RedboneGirl97: It happened to me too, while I was on the phone. Totally my fault, I lost about $25 in gas on the ground.

    BeauSaxon: We use something that looks like kitty litter to sprinkle over the gas spill. Dries it up pretty quickly. And around here, we've been using Fidiot for years. ;-)

    Steve G.: Thanks! I'd use that bonus to buy a one-way ticket. ;-)

  8. Hang out at any gas station. In a matter of minutes someone will go inside and leave their pump running. You can fill your tank up on their bill while they are inside :-)



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