Thursday, August 12, 2010

Please Watch Where You Puke

Yesterday some asshole puked on the to the garbage can. Sadly this happens all the time.

Did they not want to mess up the garbage in the can with their puke?

This bothers me every time it happens because I just don't understand why. Can someone explain to me why you would puke NEXT to the garbage can instead of IN it?

Do we shit next to the toilet instead of in it? No. Well, most of us don't anyway.

It would have been so easy to just tie up the garbage can with the fresh puke in it and take it to the dumpster. But no, I had to take out the binoculars, confirm from inside the store that it was puke, and con one of my co-workers into hosing it down.

The funny part was that I got to watch my co-worker clean it up without trying to puke herself.

We made a deal though, I had to ring up the next 10 customers that she can't stand. Fine by me, I'll do anything to avoid vomit.


  1. 10 disliked customers in exchange for cleaning up puke, I say you got a deal there.

  2. Why is it that people seem to think that doing such disgusting things is perfectly fine as long as they're done at a gas station?

  3. Man your deal was so much better than hers. Can you say "splatter"? Hose water doesn't exactly stay on the ground. Gross.

  4. Great way to negotiate I say you got the better deal in the end.

  5. I too - would do anything to avoid vomit. Ugh!

    Sorry gal!

  6. BLARGH! That is why I cannot even bear the thought of working where that is a (somewhat) commonplace thing. Eww. I will do just about ANYTHING to avoid barf.



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