Friday, September 10, 2010

Credit Card Reader Comes Back to Haunt Me

Have I told you how much I hate our credit card reader machine thingy? I think I have.

Well yesterday we got new ones. Our credit card readers before were obviously a little confusing to most of our customers, but these aren't much better. At least I don't have to tell them to "press the blue credit or debit key" because now, this one has a credit or debit button that you can press on the screen. Easy enough, right?

Not for our customers. The first customer I got, I told him to press credit or debit, and he started hitting the screen with his car keys. I quickly yelled at him not to do that, that there was a pen to use. Do people really have no regard for things that aren't theirs? If he had scratched our brand new screen, do you think he would have paid for it? I doubt it.

This customer's act of dumbassery managed to annoy me for the rest of the day, so I was like a hawk watching every customer to make sure they didn't try to damage the screen either. No one else did. So that made me conclude that this moron was one of a kind.

There was absolutely no point in giving us cashiers the extra aggravation, though. There is a 'pen' attached to sign your signature on the screen, but that part isn't hooked up and will require another software upgrade. So for now, I have to keep telling people not to sign with the credit card reader pen, and to sign with the real pen we have sitting there.

Ugh, I'm getting annoyed even talking about it.


  1. Of course the person who decided to upgrade your credit card machine probably never has to use it or deal with the customers so really has no clue how annoying it is!

  2. OOOH! And when you get your software upgrade, then people will sign the little screen with their REAL pens.

  3. I keep waiting for the day when I can just swipe my wrist over a scanner. The wrist that has the chip implant. Now how easy would that be?

  4. Why did your dumb ass management put out a machine with an attached pen that NOBODY can use? Really?! And do you really want to piss off a car-key-wielding customer? Because unless you personally paid for that credit card machine, why not let him sign it with anything he wants to use?

  5. Susanne is the shit in people's Wheaties.

    PS, Stupid time you're going to post "Anonymously", you should probably refrain from signing it with your name, you knuckle-dragging throwback. Just saying...



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