Monday, March 1, 2010

Doing Drugs

We get our share of drugs in the store. There have been many times I've found little baggies of weed on the floor, or near the pumps, or even in the bathrooms.

A lot of our customers come in smelling like pot, probably because they just got done smoking it in the car before they came in.

Saturday night, however, was a first.

We have one of those lottery machines by the front door, where you can insert money and play tickets from it.

Well, there were three young guys, probably in their early 20s, that had been there for awhile playing those instant lottery tickets.

After about a half hour, my co-worker started noticing that they kept staring up at the register. So, he decided to keep an eye on them from the cameras.

They would put their money into the lottery machine, get their tickets, and scratch them while talking to each other. They looked like they were drunk or something.

After awhile they ended up leaving, but we were curious as to what they had been doing over there and why they had kept watching us.

So we look on the camera and rewind it back to when they were in. After catching them staring at us, we noticed what they were actually doing.

While playing tickets, one of the 3 guys had gone around the corner to where our bait cooler is, which is on the floor.

We then see him take something out of his pocket, put it on top of the cooler, and start making 'chopping' movements. While he was doing this, he kept watching us at the front counter, while trying to hide what he was doing.

What was he doing? He was cutting up his cocaine so he could snort it.

Because then we see him bend down and do it. All on camera.

It makes me mad to see this because people should keep their drug habits at home, not out in public. Also, what would you say to this person? He may be so high on drugs that he pulls out a gun and shoots one of us for confronting him.

So we just have to take it and hope it doesn't become a bigger problem.


  1. You could always wipe the top of the cooler with hot peppers (or something equally nasty) and wait for them to come back :)

  2. Wow dude was bold to do it in public like that, especially fo rthe fact that a cop could have walked in any time.


  3. Just found your site and I'm digging it. Gave it a shout out on Twitter. Keep up the good stories!



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