Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Morning Crazies

Sunday mornings I always get a lot of weirdos in. I think they are the crazies left over from Saturday night festivities.

This morning, I came in to work at 6am and was told there had been a car parked out at the pump for about two hours. The person had come into the store and wanted to take a gas can because they claim they broke down up the road.

First, I have no idea how this person just found another car to drive to our store, because they were the only one in the car that had been sitting there for a few hours.

Second, whenever I hear a car has been there all night with someone inside, I usually call the police to get it out of there or to tell the person to leave.

Customers were coming in this morning telling me that someone was sleeping in that car. When they are sleeping, it usually means they are drunk.

So just as I was about to call the police, the car door opens and a woman steps out. She comes inside, and starts playing lottery. Then she starts telling me how men are all slobs and that she 'ain't gonna be picking up after none of 'em'. I could care less and was actually praying for another customer to come in to save me from this babbler. I almost hugged the next customer that walked through that door.

But it didn't matter. This woman just went on to look at our greeting cards for another half hour. GO HOME LADY. PLEASE.

I think she was drunk with the way she kept going on; and she probably noticed that every customer was peering into her car to see what she was doing in there.

Here's a tip from your friendly cashier: If you pull into my gas station to sleep off your drunkenness, then I will probably call the cops on you. You can then sleep it off in a jail cell.


  1. I can see if she was parked in a spot, but parked at the pump? Hell I am too paranoid that there is going to be an explosion and that I would die a fiery death, so there would be no way I'd sleep in my car at the dayum pump. Crazy people.




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