Friday, March 5, 2010

More Western Union Scams

We had this woman come in the other day who wanted to send money through Western Union. Once again, it was being sent to Nigeria.

I felt bad for this woman, she was older and used a walker. She wanted to send $400 to someone in Nigeria that said she had won the lottery. She even showed us the email she had printed out. Classic scam.

So we advised her not to send the money and that we thought it was a scam. She listened to our reasoning and finally agreed with us. She said she's been scammed twice before, and that last time they had emptied out her bank account.

How does this poor woman not realize they are scamming her???

So hopefully by us talking to her, she woke up and realized what was happening.

These Nigerian scammers don't care who they take money from.

One of our regular customers came in not too long ago. She's deaf, but she wanted to let us know she wanted to send money to someone through Western Union. Upon looking at the paperwork she filled out, we saw that it was Destination: Nigeria. She was apparently going to send $200 to some Deaf Foundation and get triple her money in return.

We ended up trying to tell her it was a scam, and that we refused to send the money. She got very angry and showed us text messages that the Nigerian person had been sending to her. Texts like 'Did you send the money yet?' 'Are you at the store?' and things like that. The reason the person was texting and wanting to know exactly when the money was sent, was so that they could hurry up and claim it.

Once the money is picked up, you can't cancel the transaction and get your money back. It's gone. Forever.

So finally this woman left but she was very angry that we didn't send her money. I just hope she didn't go down the street and send it from someone else.

Like I said, these Nigerian scammers will abuse anyone. They have no sympathy.


  1. You guys are wonderful! Thank God you told them.

    My parents are in their 80's and I always worry that something like this will happen to them. They become so gullible as they get older. It's very sad.

  2. It's great that you guys are keeping an eye out for this. Some people wouldn't even bat an eye and would send it. Glad you have some compassion and a conscious.


  3. This kind of thing ALWAYS makes me sick, and the victims do often tend to be elderly or disabled in some fashion.

  4. Hahaha. Where is the logic in all of this though? Someone in Nigeria won the lottery, so you send the person money? What the fuck.

    You expect to get reimbursed plus extra for donating money to a deaf foundation?

    How do we even have a civilization again?



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