Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When Will Thieves Ever Learn?

Why do people think they can get away with stealing? We have signs EVERYWHERE that say you are on camera and you will be prosecuted if caught.

We had a teenager come in yesterday on his way to school. We proceed to see him on camera set his bookbag down on the ground and stuff it full of drinks. Unfortunately we didn't know this until after he had left.

So we called the cops, and they came to take a report. We had the kid on camera doing this, but the bad part was that he walked to school, so we didn't have any kind of a license plate or anything to catch him.

Except that he was wearing a distinguishable plaid hoodie.

So, since we didn't have anything else to do, we walked over to the school around the time he was getting out.

After awhile we seem him walking with his girlfriend, so we call the cops that we talked to and walked over to the kid.

After being confronted, he denied everything at first and his girlfriend's mom started sticking up for him saying he's not going to talk to anyone until the police arrive. Fine.

Once the police showed up, he admitted that he had been thirsty that morning and didn't have any money to buy anything.

Thirsty? Thirsty would be stealing ONE drink. Of water. Not shoving six or seven Gatorade's in your backpack so you can share them with all your friends.

Apparently he should stay in school if he couldn't read our hundreds of signs in the store about being watched on camera.


  1. I get that kids will try to get away with stuff, but hopefully he's learned a lesson. Personally, I'd rather talk to you than the cops -- not sure what GF's mom was thinking...

  2. I caught a kid stealing condoms once. I didn't bust him on it though. I had this whole moral dilemma about it. I imagined him going home after getting caught, sleeping with his girlfriend anyway and ending up a teen parent. Then I'd forever be the person who set in motion the wheels that changed his life.

    I did enjoy busting the cocky ones, though.

  3. How funny...and stupid!

    Stopping by from SITS ...becoming a follower!
    Have an awesome day!

  4. apparently gatorade is not very thirst quenching.

  5. OH MY GOSH! I just watched a man stuff raw meat into his backpack. I was just shopping and I was the only other person in the aisle and I didn't even know what to do. I told a store employee, but I had to walk home by myself and was afraid he was going to follow me. Crazy!

    Stopping by from SITS

  6. EmcogNEATO: Most of the punks around here that steal don't ever learn their lesson. They just end up stealing somewhere else.

    Em Static: Haha I probably wouldn't have said anything if I caught someone stealing condoms.

    Betty Manousos: Thanks!

    Megan: Yeah, definitely stupid. :-)

    Catherine: lol guess not.

    Divine Mrs D: lol I've been to other stores where I've told on people that I see stealing. The same people do that in my store. If they see someone stealing from us they usually run over and tell us. I love customers that rat out other customers. :-)

  7. What a winner! lol Water is FREE at school! Sounds like the more legal option.

  8. LOL.




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