Monday, March 8, 2010

Live From Night Shift

So here I am, working the graveyard shift and it's been pretty busy for a Monday night, which can only mean that I will get all the freaks and weirdos in throughout the night.

9pm: Just as I figured. My first customer irritated me by taking forever to hand me her money. This created a long line of customers behind her who then gave me dirty looks because they had to wait so long.

10pm: The parade of weirdos continues. Some guy came in buying beer. As he was walking up to the register, I thought it had snot hanging out of his nose, but it was just a green nose ring. I have also noticed a lot of people lingering around in the parking lot.

11pm: Still more of the same. Once I shut beer down for the night, it usually gets pretty quiet.

12am: If you walk around in my store with your hands in your pockets while staring at me to see if I'm going to watch you steal, then yes, I am watching you while you attempt to steal.

Ahh, the joys of working night shift. Please go to bed, people. You don't need to buy cigarillos or Black & Milds at midnight. Get a job and be in bed like most people.

12:47am - Yay, almost time to shut beer down! Finally, some peace around here.

2am: Just had a customer stand here and talk to me for an hour. That's the only bad part about night shift. People think you have nothing to do but sit and bullshit with them. Although, I don't really have anything to do but blog I guess.

I haven't had a customer walk in for about an hour. Maybe the freaks aren't going to be out all night. Or maybe I just jinxed myself....

2:14am - Reading the newspaper. Nothing interesting. I'm bored.

2:31am - Still bored. Maybe I should go do some work? Still debating it.

3:10am - Geez, people sure do scramble in here when the fresh doughnuts come in!

4:08am - Okay, someone just walked in and tripped onto the floor. Then they got up and left the store. That reminds me of the time I was at the movies and a kid was walking down the steps to go get snacks and tripped on the ground where everyone saw him fall. He never came back to watch the rest of the movie. Probably the most embarrassing $9.00 he ever spent.

4:55am - The night is over, thank God! Until next time.

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  1. LOL, sounds like a nigt of excitement, lol.




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