Thursday, March 18, 2010

Check Your Lotto Tickets

We gets tons of people in our store every day playing lottery. They range from customers that have never played before and want to try their luck on a $1 ticket to those that are obsessed and often spend $300 or more a day trying to hit the big one.

One thing I notice, with new and seasoned lottery players, is that sometimes they will hand me a lottery ticket and ask if I can run it through the machine to see if it's a winner.

I don't advise people to do this, unless you fully trust the cashier.

Why? Because it's so easy for me to say 'No, sorry, it's not a winner.' and hand it back to you. By then, I'll have run it through the machine to cash it, but am handing it back to you now unusable because I already cashed it in. If I ever did this to people, I'm sure many of them would not notice.

Also, always know what amount your ticket is for. I get even more people coming in thinking they won $1 when they actually won $10.

One time I had a customer playing tickets right in front of me. He ran up to me all excited because he won $200. I cashed his ticket and saw that it wasn't $200, it was $2,000. I could have easily taken the extra $1,800 and ran, because this guy was expecting just $200.

I always warn my customers that they should never walk into a store not knowing what they won. And that it's too easy for cashiers to lie.

Luckily for my customers they have a trusted cashier like moi.

Have you ever done this? Just handed your ticket to someone you don't even know and trusted them to tell you what you've won?


  1. I've never played, but I did contribute $5 to a group at work that was playing for a really big jackpot.

    I almost spit my water all over the monitor when I read that people will drop $300 on lottery tickets.


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  2. It's true! Some will spend at least $200-$300 a day playing scratch-off lottery tickets. It's great business for us though, and besides that, I'd like to see one of our customers hit the big jackpot. :-)

  3. I always get tickets for x-mas & b-days drives me nuts. Just give me the money your gonna waste on the tickets, geez.But to answer your question, no I always know how much I won. I actually questioned it one time a clerk gave me like $29 instead of the $30 I thought. Turned out she was right.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. I always thought a dishonest cashier could do that, so I always watch for a switcheroo, and listen for the machine to say "Sorry, Not a Winner." If I don't hear it, I make sure I get the ticket back.

    Hopefully I have never "retired" a cashier with a large jackpot that I didn't pay attention to... :(

  5. I am liking the blog change first of all. I've never won anything in the lottery except for the scratch tickets where I clearly won $1. Lottery customers are so annoying. My father was one of the peiople that played twice a day $40 each time and then said when you asked him for lnch money, "I don't have any money, go ask your mama." She was at work!!!


  6. Out here in Colorado those machine talk. You pretty much can't get away with anything. But good tips for those who don't usually play and don't know what the heck is going on.

  7. I live in Las Vegas, where we don't have a lottery. (Weird, right??) But that's so great that you're so trustworthy!

  8. many things that I'm learning from your blog.... I'm glad I found you! I'm reading thru your posts, and what great stories and info you have!

  9. My father told me that he handed his Mega Millions ticket to the convenience store guy to check if it was a winner. I told him NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Thanks for being one of the good guys!

  10. Ooooh I watched a whole show about just this! It was like an undercover operation and it was scary how many cashiers lie! I never just hand it in to see if I won I scan it and check it a zillion times before I hand it in! I am gald you are an honest cashier =D

  11. Why check at the gas station when you can look online?

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