Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Going for a Drive

I would just like to say, that if you run into anything on our property with your car, then yes, it is your fault.

Awhile ago we had this guy come barreling into our parking lot and ended up running into a big wooden crate that we keep firewood in. He claimed that his brakes stopped working while he was on the road, so he decides to stop into a gas station in the hopes that he could find something to stop his car. Gee, I guess I'm glad he didn't choose a gas pump to do that with.

Anyways, he ends up running into this huge crate, and then puts up a fight telling us that he won't pay for anything because there wasn't any damage.

So he goes to straighten the crate out that he hit, and once he touches it the thing falls apart.

My point, though, is that this happens a lot. People will run into something in our lot and then blame everyone but themselves. Many of our outdoor trash cans and planters are beat to shit because people don't know how to back their cars up properly.

We always have tons of accidents in our lot, because once again, people don't know how to back their cars up properly. And they decide to drive these huge boats where they can hardly see over the steering wheel. Cars hitting other cars in our parking lot has become such a regular thing now, that I don't even look up when I hear things like "Excuse me, who owns that White Ford out there?"

So if you ever notice planters and trash cans all beat up and looking crappy and unsightly at a gas station, just remember that we never replace them because they will always continue to get hit by people in their cars.

Oh, and make sure to watch your car in the parking lot when you go inside. I've seen plenty of people hit another customer's car and then just drive off without saying anything.


  1. I saw this the other day and everyone was yelling at the man because he hit a ladys car. He yelled and said we couldn't do anything because it was a parking lot. We took his license plate number and gave it to the woman anyway. Hopefully she can call the police.


  2. Not to be cynical or anything, but.... this is why some people shouldn't breed. Actually, people might be a little more honest if the country as a whole wasn't so damn litigious. And the insurance rates wouldn't sky rocket for every damn little thing. It's no wonder nobody will admit responsibility to anything.

  3. Redbonegirl: Yeah, our lot is a private lot and the police don't usually do anything. People just take down insurance information and leave.

    NGIP: I agree. Completely.



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