Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No You May Not Use the Bathroom.

I come to you with yet another bathroom story.

As you know, we keep it out of order because we are tired of people stealing stuff and abusing the bathroom. But we DO let regular customers use it and people who seem honest enough.

The other day, one of our male employees was working. A customer came in, wanting to use the bathroom. Since no one had ever seen this guy before, the employee told him it was out of order.

Customer: But I really need to go. My stomach is rumblin' bad. (Yeah, that's a definite no.)

Employee: Sorry, but it's out of order.

Customer: Well where else am I supposed to go?

Employee: I don't know. You could try across the street, or go behind the bushes like everyone else.

Customer (getting enraged): If you don't let me use the bathroom, I'm going to beat the shit out of you.

Employee: Sir, the bathroom doesn't work. It's not our fault that people steal parts out of it. If you have a problem with that, I can call the police.

Customer: F*** You. I'll meet you outside later. (For what, a fight at recess?)

And with that he walked away. Hmm...an employee getting threatened for not letting someone use the bathroom? Come on, people. Go before you leave the house! Isn't that what we teach children?

Would you ever threaten someone if they didn't let you use the bathroom? If it were me and I was considered crazy, then I'd probably poop on the floor to make a statement rather than threaten to beat someone up.


  1. Oh man, I had a horrible run in with a gas station in CT once. We were traveling to Boston from NJ and in the middle of nowhere in some country-like setting in CT, I had to pee so badly. We drove what seemed like forever to find this one little gas station. We had our arms filled with items to purchase and I asked if I could quickly use their bathroom. They said no. We had a fit. We threw everything down on the counter and said if we weren't good enough to use their bathroom then we weren't good enough to buy $20 worth of shit. I think this should be decided on an as customer basis. If someone nicely dressed, mature and not looking like they're about to ef shiz up has to use the restroom, I'd let 'em in!

    We didn't threaten them but I was so mad I threw my Dunkin Donuts cup at the place as we drove off. I really had to pee. Luckily we found a "brand name" gas station about a mile away from "mom and pop" gas station.

  2. I use my judgment when deciding who to let in the bathroom. Usually, if they ask nicely and haven't tried to door handle to an 'Out of Order' bathroom first, I let them use it. Plus I always let parents with their kids use it.

    Those that walk in with a newspaper under their arm and are going to stink up the bathroom and have it linger through our store all day? Well, they can find somewhere else to go. :-)

  3. It's lovely when a customer goes in and has an explosive diarrhea, but doesn't tell you so that shit dries everywhere, and then you have to scrub it off walls and every damn thing else.

  4. Stopping by from SITS! ROFL!!! I've been the cashier...the business owner...and now the employee who has told people "no public restroom" dozens of times. And yes, I judged and still do judge people by certain things if they ask...lol...I don't like cleaning up messes or going in later to have no toilet paper cause they took it ALL!

  5. Mee2: Yeah, that's why I never enter the public restroom. I'd puke all over the place.

    Supermanslady: Same here, I HATE cleaning up after other people. I'm a cashier, not a cleaning lady.

  6. i had a older couple pull up to the motel i work at and bang on the night window demanding to be let in so she could use the bathroom. When I say bang I mean beat as hard as you can. My heart was racing from that, but when I started to explain that i could not let them in, they cursed, called me name, threatened me and threw stuff at me (well, the window). I told them to go to the 24 hour truck stop across the road, but instead they squelled off across the parking lot to the diner...where apparently they hit someone's car and got arrested for DUI. Karma.



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