Thursday, March 25, 2010

Leaving Your Valuables Behind

We get tons of people leaving stuff behind at the counter. Wallets, cell phones, keys, driver's licenses, cigarette butts, you name it, we've seen it left behind.

Usually one of the cashiers will notice it and stick it behind the counter until the person comes back. Many times even customers will see it on the counter and tell the cashier about it.

However, if you happen to leave something behind outside, then you're pretty much screwed.

I don't know why people set items up on the pumps while they are pumping gas. There are many other places to put things, such as on the top of your car or even IN your car. But no, people usually place their wallets, keys and other valuables right on top of the pumps.

And then what happens? That's right, they forget them.

Things being forgotten outside are pretty much lost forever. Customers rarely turn things in that they've found outside. They probably think that since no one saw them out there, then it's finders keepers.

Usually we will get an honest customer saying they found a credit card laying on the ground outside. Sometimes though, the dishonest people will take that card and run. Run right to the stores and start spending your money.

One time a customer left his credit card on the counter. I didn't notice it there, but apparently the next customer I rang up did. She was a regular customer that would come in many times a day.

Well, looking back on the security tapes, she takes this guy's credit card and puts it in her purse while I'm ringing her up. She then proceeds to leave and go to various stores around town using it. You know, the Chinese restaurant, the dollar store, places like that. Lucky for him she wasn't smart enough to go spending at bigger places.

We found out she had taken his card when the police came in with a picture of her using the card at another store. We recognized her right away and it was only a matter of days until she came in again trying to use the card and that's when we got her.

If you do pump gas and need a place to store your stuff, open your car door back up and put it in there. That way you won't forget it and it'll save you the hassle of having cash stolen or calling the credit card companies to cancel your cards.


  1. I left my purse in a dentist's office once, which happened to be in a mall; walked the entire mall to get to the exit doors where I'd parked before I finally remembered. Now THAT was embarrassing, having to sheepishly ask for my purse at the desk. Can't even blame laughing gas for that one since it was my kid's appointment. Doh! (Love your blog btw)

  2. I love your posts! So entertaining!

  3. I am embarassed to say that I am one of these idiots that does this... please feel free to point and laugh at me and say I told you so if I ever do this at your store. I am damn lucky I haven't had anyone take advantage of me yet (I'm smart enough to know I'm dumb and I go running back in time).

  4. This is good advice. I usually take my credit card out of my wallet when I am pumping gas. I forget everything! :)

  5. What a low life that woman was! Glad she got caught. I don't know why they don't think they will.

    I'm with Megan. Love the inside story on these things. So informative and entertaining.

  6. If I have to run in, I'll hide my purse and just bring my card and license... if needed for "adult beverages" :) Since it's the only thing I carry and feel awkward without my purse, I'm usually OCD anal about having them in my hand.

    Love your blog!

  7. BeauSaxon: I can't think of a single time I've left my purse anywhere. I'm too obsessive about things to forget it. Anytime at a restaurant I will check the booth a million times to make sure I haven't left anything behind.

    Megan: Thank you!

    Sarah with Scissors: I will definitely laugh and point at you if I see you do this in my store. :-)

    Life with Kaishon: If I'm paying for gas at the pump, I will take out my credit card, swipe it, and immediately put it back in my purse. It never goes in my pocket or anything, it's way too easy to lose it then.

    Kathy: Glad you like it, thanks! :-)

    My Momma Drama: I'm too paranoid that someone will break my windows in order to get inside my car. So I always take everything in. I'm lame, I know.

  8. I am so paranoid about leaving stuff I do a mental checklist before I leave places, its worked so far =D

  9. I can't understand putting something on top of the pumping station. Eww, it's nasty and I don't want to hardly touch the pump let alone sit my purse, cell phone or wallet up there. And I have left my credit card on the counter but I realized and went right back in. In the 5 minutes someone had already taken it. I called and had it stopped and they said it was perfect timing because later the person tried to use the card but was declined at a restaurant. ha ha ha. Hope they had to wash dishes.




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