Monday, March 22, 2010

Guest Post: Parking Lot Clean Up

Today's post comes from my fellow employee, we'll call her "S". "S" gets just as frustrated as I do with people sometimes, but she goes the extra distance and actually cleans up the parking lot. She's got more guts than I do, because I would probably pass out from things I would find there. Or get stuck with a stray used needle sticking out from the grass.

This time though, the parking lot hasn't been cleaned since before the snow started.

"Every once in awhile I like to step away from my register and venture out among the living. Today was a day for that adventure. I was assigned to rake the grass primarily to pick up all the loose paper and other items that accumulated in the grassy area during the winter. I started in the highly traveled area of the grass and raked up the usual accumulation of leaves.

Perusing further, I catch a glimpse of a few other items:

Cigarette butts, LOTS of cigarette butts

Tin cans

A used latex glove

Oh, I found a dime

Eww, a used condom

A cigarette box

And, what is that round thing? I get closer, and I poke at it with my rake. It's hard as a rock. What could it be? I get closer, UGH, it's a pile of puke, hardened over the winter."


  1. Sorry I found a word misspelled in the comment. What interesting things you found! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Sounds like you have quite the job....hang in there!

  3. Yeah, and this is why people should be required to clean up after themselves.

  4. One of my girls used to be a cashier and it changed my outlook on many things! Really! I SOO appreciate the very hard work that you all do! Thank you for working so hard to serve others! Stopping by from SITS!



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