Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Minimum is $2.00, Please.

We have a minimum purchase amount for credit cards. It's $2.00. That means that you can't use your credit card for any purchase under $2.00. Simple, right?

Not to some people.

We get tons of people in everyday pissed off because they can't charge their 35 cent gum or their 75 cent newspaper. We don't have this rule because we want you to buy all this shit in the store, we have it because credit card companies charge businesses fees for taking credit cards. We just want our fees back.

The worst customer I ever had from this issue was this guy that came in one morning. He got a coffee refill, which cost 75 cents, and wanted to charge it on his credit card. I told him that he had to reach $2.00, and he freaked out.

The next thing I know he's outside at his car, on his cell phone. Then he comes in, still on his cell phone, but taking pictures of our store. Then he comes up to me at the register and says he's on the phone with his credit card company and that we're not allowed to do that. Well, this pissed me off.

I watched as he continued to talk irately to the person on the phone, while taking pictures of the signs in our store at the same time. So I waited for him to get off the phone and asked him what his problem was.

He told me that it wasn't right that he didn't have enough money for his coffee refill and wanted to charge it instead. So then, he pulls out change from his pocket, telling me that all he had was 60 cents or so.

I then told him that he just made himself look like the biggest asshole by going through that whole thing with taking pictures and stuff, and that if he would have just told me all he had was 60 cents, I would have put the rest of the money in for him.

After that he immediately calmed down and started apologizing. I told him to give me his 60 cents, and that I would pay the rest, and that it would probably be best if he didn't come into the store again.

He said thanks and left.

Really? You didn't want to spend another $1.25 to make the credit card limit? You didn't seem to hold back on the fancy car you were driving, you jackass.

I'm glad I haven't seen that asshole since.


  1. I don't know what you make, but it's not nearly enough.

  2. They figure if they yell loud enough and long enough you will cave. A$$hole is right.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. He was trying to scare you into giving him what he wanted. Truth is, you would have had more trouble had you gone against your store's policy than having him "report you" to his CC company.

    Some people just love getting all worked up. You have my sympathies.

  4. Ugh, some people are just so annoying...

  5. LOL, $2.00 isn't a big deal. It's when they say $10.00 that you can get irate about.


  6. I give you a lot of credit having to deal with knuckleheads on a regular basis. Next time tell him he needs to get the special $2.00 or less credit card, you know the one that says asshole across the front. Good post.


  7. I'm telling you: National Evil Day. What is wrong with some people? You have to be in a real constant state of anger to be that much of a dick.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. stopping by from SITS. What a jerk!

  9. People are so annoying! You handled it well though.

  10. Not saying that customers aren't a pain in the neck some (most?) days but...

    As the bookkeeper for my company which started taking credit cards several years back, I actually read those policy statements from the CC companies. Standard merchant agreements actually do say you can't require a minimum purchase amount without risking said merchant agreement. (I realize it's not your call and it probably won't make a hill of beans in the long run but I'm one of those follow-the-rules types and I probably would have questioned it, too--though not exactly in that manner.)

  11. oy vey! and you work here why!? lol I would have just told you I only had 60 cents or just make the minimum! I usually expect SOME kind of minimum!



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