Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Customer,...

Dear Lady,

Screw you. Don't come up to the register with a bag bursting full of doughnuts and tell me that you're buying 'two tiny little ones' (your words). Smashing together a cinnamon roll and an apple fritter does not create one doughnut.

You must have crammed at least 6 of them in there, because I noticed that the bag was about to break. I wish it would have, spilling your dirty little secret all over the floor.

I tried to peer into the bag to see what you really had, but you hugged it closer to your body and soon a glazed doughnut peeking out was sticking to your chest.

How surprised you were when your 'two tiny little ones' cost you $6.50. How surprised I was when you didn't even argue the price. Maybe by then you had realized the error of your ways.

I hope you have fun shoving all those doughnuts in your mouth. Maybe you'll even puke a little in your mouth afterwards from all that sugar.

Just writing a little note to let you know that I don't want to see your puffed-out doughnut-face in my store again.

Hugs and Kisses,



  1. Hey, Cashier...I noticed that you're one of my newest followers! Thanks a bunch! I've been following yours for a while and I crack up everytime I read one of your stories. You're so funny!

  2. Hi I was behind you at SITS today and I've really enjoyed reading your posts (I am getting some odd looks though as it made me laugh out loud!!)

  3. omg, people are just too freaking weird.

  4. Amazing what people will try and get away with

  5. She knew that if she questioned the price she would have to unstick the bag from her chest!

  6. People are amazing. I really think it's more about the "getting over" than the actual money. I'd be so humiliated if anyone even thought I was doing something less than honest. What a trip!



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